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Dota 2: Patch 7.22f Patch Overview

Dota 2 Patch 7.22f

ESTNN's Veselin Ignatov takes players through Dota 2's latest patch, 7.22f.

In a typical Valve fashion, they decided to release a new patch literally minutes after the end of the last tournament before TI 9 – The Summit 10. It was definitely a very interesting event so if you missed any of the action, read our coverage of the event here.

Patch 7.22f Winners and Losers

Patch 7.22f is similar to the previous minor updates. In fact, it only features some tweaks to a few heroes and only one item. After all, it's very likely 7.22f will be the last patch before The International 2019, so let’s take a closer look at the changes.

Hero Winners

Tinker Buff 7.22f


Tinker is the biggest winner of 7.22f, hands down. The good-old mid hero received three buffs to his talents, which will definitely boost his potential. Valve has increased his level 10 Talent’s cast range, as well Spell Amplification. In addition to that, the level 15 talent Life Steam has been changed to +11% Manacost/Manaloss Reduction, which is just insane, especially during the late game. These changes allow Tinker to have a lot more sustain than before.


Valve also broke out the buffs for Invoker. Apart from his base Intelligence increase, his Cold Snap damage has also been buffed by a significant amount, which is very welcomed for all the Quas/Wex Invokers out there. Despite the changes, it will still be hard for this hero to become a top pick. In all reality, there are more heroes that do Invoker's job better than he can.

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Drow Ranger

Number three on this list is Drow Ranger. The annoying carry received an increase to her strength and agility. In addition to that, her level 15 talent is now even more powerful – +40% Gust Blind. Drow has always been and on and off hero in terms of professional games. These changes will probably boost her popularity in draft at least a little bit.

Dragon Knight

Dragon Knight is next up. Firstly, Dragon Knight's Elder Dragon Form Scepter now has 40% magic resistance up from 30%. In addition to that, his level 20 Talent/s GPM is now +210 instead of +180.


Apart from the ones mentioned above, buffs were given to several other heroes as well: Chaos Knight, Clockwerk, Keeper of the Light, Lycan and Underlord


Hero Losers

Wraith King Nerf 7.22f

Wraith King

Wraith King received the biggest nerf out of all the heroes in 7.22f. Mortal Strike, his main spell, now requires more mana to use (20/15/10/5 more). Even though this might not seem like a lot, a hero like Wraith Knight has always had mana issues, so this will definitely affect him. What’s more, Wraithfire Blast's base damage was reduced by 30/20/10. This means only one thing – players will have to max the stun now instead of Mortal Strike.

Ancient Apparition

The second hero in this section is Ancient Apparition. Ice Blast now requires more mana and his level 15 talent provides 5 less HP regen. Despite the fact that those changes seem minor, Ancient Apparition is very susceptible to hero changes. We don't know if these nerfs will make him less popular than he already is, but only time will tell.

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Outworld Devourer

The last hero on this spotlight list is Outworld Devourer. There were tons of changes done to the legendary mid laner in the past which changed him dramatically. In patch 7.22f, his Astral imprisonment cooldown was increased by 2 seconds on each level. In addition to that, Sanity's Eclipse mana cost was also increased by 125 at level 3, which is a lot. Despite that, I personally believe that Outworld Devourer will still remain one of the top mid laners right now. His damage output and farming mechanics are just too good to pass up.


The other heroes that got hit with the nerf hammer are Centaur Warrunner, Chen, Dark Willow, Grimstroke and Spiritbreaker.


Even though Patch 7.22f's changes aren't that drastic, they will still affect the picks at TI 9. After all, when there is that much money on the table, every single thing matters. Of course, this will be the case only if patch 7.22f is actually the last one before TI. However, since there are no other big events before it, this is very likely to be the last one.


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