Dota 2: Highlights of Patch 7.29c

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Dota 2: Highlights of Patch 7.29c

Let’s look at the biggest changes in patch 7.29c of Dota 2.

Valve has released yet another balancing patch, which primarily focuses on heroes and touches upon some of the overused items in the game. The developers have kept their attention on the Dota Pro Circuit matches but have also addressed the pub games through this update. Here are the highlights of patch 7.29c:

Item Changes

Solar Crest received a major nerf with its attack speed bonus reduced from 65 to 55. The item was too good in the professional matches and pubs. The players overused it on position 4 supports and sometimes even on cores and position 5s.

The developers have reduced Sange and Yasha and Kaya and Sange regen amplification from 30% to 25%. Both these items were very good for what they provided and this little nerf will help balance out the item.

Hero Changes

There were plenty of heroes under the knife in 7.29c, but certainly, the changes to one stood out the most.


Beastmaster had become a nuisance since his Aghanim’s gave increased damage to Wild Axes for every cast of the same spell. However, with the 7.29c patch, the Scepter will no longer provide bonus damage. According to the recent changes, the Wild Axes will not have any cooldown after Scepter upgrade, so players can use the ability again once the axes return to Beastmaster. Because of this significant nerf, Valve buffed other traits about the hero. An increase in Inner Beast attack speed and some improved talents will help balance the hero.

Among other heroes, Hoodwink has once again received a series of minor buffs for her Bushwhack ability. They also blessed Monkey King with buffs to his Boundless Strike stun duration and Tree Dance night vision.

Check out the full patch notes for 7.29c here.