Dota 2: Bloodseeker Guide for Patch 7.25c

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Dota 2: Bloodseeker Guide for Patch 7.25c

Learn the in's and out's of Bloodseeker on patch 7.25c.

Although it didn’t seem as exciting at first, patch 7.25 changed the game a lot. The game now is pretty dynamic and we get to see a lot of heroes, which is great news for all people who’re staying home and watching Dota 2.

Apart from pro games, this patch also had an effect on pub games. Some of the heroes that used to be extremely popular before have started to come up yet again. One of those is Bloodseeker, an agility-based carry/mid lane hero.

Even though he is often underestimated, this hero is one of the best MMR-grinding tools in Dota 2. Thanks to his skill set, he can take advantage of enemies that stay on low HP and completely snowball out of control.

Having said that, let’s take a look at some things that you should know about this hero.

Laning Stage

When it comes down to laning, your choices with Bloodseeker are pretty limited. Even though some people have tried to run him in the offlane, this hero excels the most when he is either mid or safelane. In fact, it seems like mid is the way to go because he needs to gain levels very quickly.

Bloodseeker is a very strong laner, especially when he has to lane against melee heroes. Thanks to his first ability, he is capable of doing loads of damage and also life-steal. As a result, unless the enemy has a constant harras mechanism, he is capable of sustaining himself on the lane with little to no effort. Of course, there are certain matchups where he is just not good, such as Ursa, Kunkka, Storm Spirit, etc.

On the other hand, if he has to stay in the safelane, all he needs is offensive support and together, these heroes can make the life of every offlaner a living hell. Having said that, we still believe that Bloodseeker is better to be mid.

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Best Items to Buy

Generally speaking, there are two ways in which you can itemize this hero in this patch: with or without a Radiance. There were times where people used to buy a Dagon at level five but that’s just not working anymore.

Buying a Radiance as your first major item is a pretty good idea in most cases. Not only are you going to do a lot of damage, but you will also farm a lot faster, which has always been an issue for Bloodseeker. Even though he has an AoE ability and does a lot of damage, it’s still not enough to clear camps as fast as other heroes. So, this is where Radiance comes in handy.

On the other hand, if you decide to go for a non-Radiance build, there are several options. Having said that, the most popular one is to rush a Maesltorm as fast as possible and then use it to farm and fight. Thanks to Bloodseeker’s “Thirst”, he has a lot of attack speed whenever enemies are on low HP. As a result, Maelstorm tends to proc a lot, which is why it’s such a good item.

Apart from that, many players also tend to buy a Black King Bar, Abyssal Blade, Sange and Yasha, and so on.

Which heroes should you be scared of?

Storm Spirit is the first hero to fear. On paper, Bloodseeker should totally counter this hero. He is faster, does more damage, and has a silence, so he should dominate the lane, right? Well, no.

You see, Storm Spirit is exceptionally strong against melee heroes due to his remnant + Overpowered combo. In other words, he can harras the enemy laner super hard from very early on. To make things worse, Storm is also pretty tanky, so he can afford to take a lot of damage from the enemy creep wave.

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Once the laning stage is over, Storm is a nightmare to deal with as Bloodseeker. The hero can just jump out of nowhere and kill you in just a matter of seconds, especially if you have Bloodrage on. That’s why you have to be pretty careful when you have to play against Storm.

Tinker is the second hero that gets a spot on this list and is similar to Storm, but with key differences. He also does a lot of damage but it’s entirely based on his spells. However, since Bloodrage makes you take more damage, Tinker can be extremely deadly with his combo, so you need to always be on the lookout not to get one-shotted.

Other than the burst damage, Bloodseeker is actually decent against Tinker later on because he can sometimes catch him off-guard with his silence. Once he gets close enough and starts hitting him, Tinker doesn’t really stand a chance.

Medusa is the last hero on this list but is definitely different than the other two. Instead of countering Bloodseeker in the early game, Medusa absolutely walks over him once the late game arrives.

She is capable of soaking up tons of damage while also doing devastating right-clicks, especially when that Rapier comes in. As if that’s not enough, she can always press that panic button called “Stone Gaze” and force Bloodseeker to go back, which will give her enough time to inflict more of her deadly right clicks.

Even though the hero is not really countering Bloodseeker in the lane, dealing with Mystic Snake is still something that’s incredibly annoying. If Medusa times this spell right, she can easily force Bloodseeker to use his regen.