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Anuj Gupta
Anuj Gupta is a freelance journalist who loves the concept of esports. He has played multiple titles and has vast experience in Dota 2 and CS:GO. A passionate fan of Dota 2, Anuj loves to analyze games and coach new players.

Dota 2: Biggest Changes In Patch Update 7.29b

The Hero DawnBreaker's hammer appears surrounded in sparks of gold lightining. The patch number "7.29b Gameplay Update" in white block letters
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Huskar and Phantom Lancer took the hardest hits from IceFrog’s nerf hammer.

After every major update, we need balancing patches to put things in proper place and make the game much more polished. The 7.29b is the big follow-up to 7.29 which introduced a plethora of changes to games.

The balancing patch focuses majorly on hero changes, including nerfs and buffs to many heroes, some alterations were major. Let us have a look at the biggest changes in the 7.29b update.


The Dota 2 hero Huskar appears in his Reckless Vigor set, raising his twin swords, ready for battle

Huskar was running rampant after the 7.29 patch. It was only logical for the developers to nerf the dominating hero. A reduction to base value of Agility from 15 to 13 and Agility gain by 0.2 definitely hurts the hero. The developers have nerfed Berserker’s Blood by 5% per level and changed the Life Break cooldown from a fixed 12 seconds to 16/14/12. Huskar’s Level 15 and 20 talent also got slight nerfs.

Phantom Lancer


The Dota 2 Hero, Phantom Lancer, charges into battle with his spear and sword at the ready in the official splash art from Valve

Phantom Lancer felt incredibly strong even before the 7.29 patch. Some balancing updates for the hero were long due. PL’s base damage and armor stands reduced by 2 and 1, respectively. Spirit Lance Shard will not increase cast range and will now deal less damage with 150 units drop in bounce range. The developers have rescaled Phantom Rush, providing less agility bonus at each level. PL’s talents also got a rework. The Level 10 Talent now provides +150 Health instead of +16% Evasion, the latter being moved to Level 15 Talent.

Other changes

Apart from major hero changes mentioned above, Lina got a significant buff yet again. With buffs to Agility gain, manacost reduction and radius increase to Light Strike Array and increase to Fiery Soul stack duration. Hoodwink also got many buffs including a positive change to her Strength gain from 1.8 to 2.0. Acorn Shot damage got an increment from 65% to 75%. Hoodwink’s talents also got buffed to resurface the hero in games.

7.29b patch included huge buffs to the hero Lycan. His base armor, Agility gain and Intelligence gain have seen minor increments, plus positive changes to Summon Wolves and Shapeshift ability. They also buffed his level 15 and 20 talents. The removal of Necrobook did not affect other heroes like Beastmaster and Enigma, who were also using Necronomicon to their advantage.

Although we've covered the major changes, you can read the list of changes and full patch notes here.

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