Dota 2 Auto Chess Update: Zeus & Mars Are Here

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Dota 2 Auto Chess Update: Zeus & Mars Are Here

Just a few days after a tweet from Drodostudios about Zeus and Mars, the new heroes are now live. The addition of Zeus and Mars also brings a new species to the table – God.  There are also several other big changes, so let’s take a look at what’s new.


Species – God

Class – Mage

Price – 5 Gold

Zeus has 950/1900/3900 HP, 1.4 Attack Speed, 0 Armour, and 40 Magic Resistance.


Thundergod’s Wrath – Similar to his Dota 2 ultimate, Zeus will strike all enemy pieces, no matter where they are. However, they will have a 50% chance to get hit and each hit will do damage depending on their current health. Regardless of that 50 %, you have a guarantee to hit at least one target.

This spell does 300/400/500 damage and has a 20/30/40 Damage percentage. It’s cooling time is 15/12/9 and it does Magic Damage.


Species – God

Class – Warrior

Price – 1 Gold

Mars will have 650/1300/2600 Health, 0 Attack Damage, 1.4 Attack Speed, 0 Magic Resistance, and 5 Armor.


Bulwark – Mars goes into a form in which he can’t attack. He uses his shield to block a certain amount of the incoming damage from the front or side. In addition, Mars can sometimes “smash” the enemies in front of him and inflict physical damage.

The physical damage reduction from the front is 30/50/70%, whereas the side one is 15/25/35 %. There were some bugs with this spell they got immediately fixed shortly after they got discovered.

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The “Shield Strike” interval is 5, it’s Attac Radius 200 and it does 200/300/400 damage in total.

Other Changes

New Species – God

Whenever all other species traits are inactive, all allies’ cooldowns are reduced by 50%. The CD reduction is a huge buff to some of the pieces in Auto Chess like Razor for example. Reddit will probably soon be full of topics that explain different combos with the new species.

Riki, SandKing, and Slark Removed

Due to being unpopular, those three chess pieces will be temporarily removed from the chess poll. According to the patch notes, “they will come back later after a few adjustments”

9 Assassin, 4 Nagas and 6 Beasts have also been removed.

Spell Changes

Coup de Grace’s chance is now set to 15/20% instead of 15/15/15%. On top of that, the damage is 350/450% instead of 300/400/500%.

Beast’s attack bonus is set to 10/20% (previously it was 10/15/20%).

Naga’s magic resistance bonus is now 40.

Mage’s magic resistance reduction is set to 35/45 instead of 40/40.

Warrior’s armor bonus is now 5/7/9.

Mirana and Trent Protector

Mirana now costs two gold and her arrow's cooldown is increased by two seconds. Treant’s cost is set to 3 gold, his base HP is increased 100 and his attack damage by 10.

You can read the official patch notes here.  Feel free to follow us on Twitter for more information regarding Dota 2 and Auto Chess.