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Dota 2: 5 Of The Most Overpowered Changes In Patch 7.30


Let’s just say some things are game breaking in Dota 2’s 7.30 patch.

It hasn’t been long since the highly anticipated 7.30 update made landfall. Although it seems that the update has not turned things around, it has significantly changed a lot of important aspects in the game. Now that the patch is being played out, we have a list of most impactful changes in patch 7.30, covering both hero and item ones.

Item Changes

Helm Of The Overlord

Changes to Helm Of The Overlord item have certainly made its way to the pubs.Unlike before when the item was useless, it has now become a staple build for heroes like Beastmaster and Lycan. The fact that it uses Vladmir’s Offering as a part, makes the Helm a viable choice for the inventory.

Most of Helm Of The Overlord’s power is in the dominated creep. Users can now dominate Ancient Creep and boost its stats. The Helm is a nuisance to deal with especially in the lower brackets of pubs.

Silver Edge

The changes to SIlver Edge have also made a significant impact on the popularity of the item. The guaranteed critical strike of 160% after breaking invisibility and combination of  +60 damage and +40 Attack Speed makes it a bit overpowering.

To be clear, Silver Edge still does bonus 175 damage along with 30 percent chance of a 160% critical strike, that is excluding the guaranteed strike after its first hit. The item also nullifies passive abilities of the hero hit for four seconds. These are incredible benefits the item is giving at a much cheaper cost of 5300 rather than 5650 in the previous patch.

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Hero Changes

Bounty Hunter

The Hunter with No Name splash wallpaper, featuring the goblinoid Bounty Hunter stalks through rugged terrain with his blades drawn

It looks like Bounty is the most underrated hero which has not received the spotlight of being overpowered in the meta. Although the damage of Shuriken Toss was reduced, the changes to Track giving bonus damage to Shuriken Toss has made quite an impact. The ability also has reduced cooldown and mana cost, coupled with increased cast range. Overall Bounty looks like a great hero to play offlane or roam positions in the current patch.


The hero, Clinkz, a skeletal warrior, appears in a swirl of fire in the wallpaper from the Scorched Fletcher set

The developers have changed Clinkz quite a few times in different patches. However, the current change has seen the hero solve most of the problems players faced with him. Clinkz has Burning Barrage ability, which is a low mana skill. The new ability has unlocked the farming potential of Clinkz, which was otherwise pretty average at best. Now the hero needs a mere Maelstrom to farm creep waves with Barrage and also deals heaps of damage to the enemy. He has also received quality changes to make the hero much more playable and overpowered in the right hands.


The hero, Tinker, powers up his jetpack to charge into the fray

Tinker is, without a doubt, one of the major highlights of the patch. They have changed tinker to a point where it no longer feels like the same hero. However, what has made him overpowered is his ability to level up nuke abilities without worrying about farming Boots Of Travel. Tinker has BOTs in his skill set now thanks to Keen Conveyance, which gives him freedom and to level up nukes. Defense Matrix is also one of his skills enabling the hero to protect himself or an ally hero.

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The general buffs to Tinker have also made him overpowered in the game. The hero can dash an immense amount of nuke in the early phases, which cripples the enemy in fights. Additionally, the Shard provides him with March Of The Machines, which helps him farm like usual.

Feature Images: Dota 2 Fandom

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