Deathstroke To Get A Fortnite Skin In Future Update

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Deathstroke To Get A Fortnite Skin In Future Update

The crossovers between Fortnite Battle Royale and the Batman series continue.

Fortnite Season X marked the first real connection between Epic Games and DC Comics. That period saw Tilted Towers become Gotham City for a few weeks, and naturally, Epic leveraged a deal to bring Batman characters into the game’s universe. The Caped Crusader Pack featuring two versions of Batman, a glider and a pickaxe arrived in September 2019, and last appeared in July 2020. Catwoman joined in on the action in August 2020 alongside Harley Quinn. Joker and Poison Ivy followed mere months later in December 2020 with “The Last Laugh Bundle.”

The partnership between Epic Games and DC Comics soon hit the comic book store, where characters from Fortnite and Batman clashed in the “Batman/Fortnite Zero Point” series. Epic soon revealed an exclusive Harley Quinn style, which led many Fortnite fans to believe that more heroes and villains from the Batman universe would find their way into Fortnite. Today, leaks have confirmed those theories. The supervillain Slade Wilson, known by most as Deathstroke, is officially the next character to join the expanding Fortnite Battle Royale universe.

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Deathstroke Confirmed

Fortnite leakers, including HYPEX, have brought to light a Deathstroke glider that players can expect soon. According to a tweet from the reliable leaker, the glider pictured above appeared in issue four of the Batman/Fortnite series. He followed that with some panels from the comic book, depicting Batman and Catwoman fighting Deathstroke; before some Fortnite characters emerged and surrounded them. While we do not know how Deathstroke will look in Fortnite, this serves as confirmation that he will be available for purchase soon

The growing list of Batman characters in Fortnite seems endless, and more may come through as the comic series continues. We’ll have to wait and see what Epic has in store next. Deathstroke has no anticipated release date at this time. ESTNN will keep you posted on when that information becomes available.