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Nick Johnson | Esports Writer

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CSGO News: Ex-Bravado Players sign with Denial Esports, Stay in the US


Four out of five players from Bravado have accepted an offer from Denial Esports, according to the team. Team Captain Dimitri “Detrony” Hadjipachali is the only player staying under the Bravado moniker. Now under new management, Denial Esports has not fielded a CS:GO team since 2017.


In a press release, Bravado Gaming apologized to fans and seemingly placed the blame for the decision on their now ex-players:

“It is important to mention, all players were notified that the campaign was on course to reach its target (at the time sitting at 60% of the fixed goal) as there was a corporate sponsor who was willing to pay in the case of any shortfall […] Therefore, we want to make it clear that this decision was purely on the players to cancel the campaign and accept the offer they received from Denial E-Sports. We want you to know that this is no reflection on the ethics of the Bravado brand and it’s [sic] management.”


Denial Esports has dealt with changes of their own. The organization was recently revived with new CEO Zachary “ZachtehCEO” Smith. When Smith, along Pro Halo team owner Patrick ‘BlackBeardAP’ E. Smith Sr.,  came on board, the organization immediately began paying past players that hadn’t been paid during Denial’s 2017 mismanagement and started to look for opportunities inside the esports scene. Smith bought out former Denial CEO Robby Ringnalda for a controlling stake in the team. Smith himself said in a tweet Monday that he is unfamiliar with CS:GO but is willing to learn.

In the tweet, Smith also refers to his public shaming of CSGO in regard to the then-rampant skin gambling issues.

Denial’s pickup of ex-Bravado comes just after Bravado had crashed out of the NA Minor. That said, ex-Bravado still own a spot in ESEA MDL League, which is currently underway. It is unclear if Captain Dimitri “Detrony” Hadjipachali will stand in for Denial until a fifth is found.

As of now, Denial’s new roster looks like this:

Aran “Sonic” Groesbeek

Johnny “JT” Theodosiou

Ruan “Elusive” Van Wyk

Rhys “Fadey” Armstrong

Image VIA: Denial Esports

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