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Nick Johnson | Esports Writer

Nick "Lesona" Johnson is an esports journalist with a focus on CS:GO and the OWL. His interest for esports started with CS:S and grew into a career as both an esports writer and an avid fan, giving him a unique perspective on both the casual and professional scenes. Twitter: @Lesona_


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Valve Updates Counterstrike Economy and AUG Price

CSGO Economy Update Explained
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Valve has released an update for Counterstrike: Global Offensive that makes some huge changes to the current economic system, adds a new case, and tweaks a couple of weapons. We go into all the changes in detail below. Additionally, Valve has released the Prisma Case.

Economy Changes: Show Me The Money!

Valve has released an update for CS: GO, and it makes massive changes to the way the economy works. Previously, if teams lost several rounds in a row, they would progressively receive more money for each consecutive loss. This essentially served as a catchup mechanic to prevent the losing teams from eventually being unable to win the game. Another mechanic would reset this “round-loss bonus” when the losing team won a round. This means that if the losing team wins a round after losing several in a row, their round loss bonus would be reset. This often led to teams being “reset,” resulting in another round or two of ecos while the team waited for their round loss bonus to stack up again and allow them a more powerful buy.

Well, Valve has made some serious changes in this regard. They have completely scrapped the reset mechanic entirely, and instead will now simply deduct one round from the total amount of losses to compute how much money the team will receive after a round loss. Now, that’s a little confusing. To simplify things, check this out. The numbers in parenthesis are the total number of rounds lost by each team.

Round Loss Explained

Team A (1) and Team B (1) each start the match with a 1 round loss bonus.

  1. Team A wins the first three rounds, meaning Team B has now effectively lost 4 rounds in a row (every team starts the game with a 1-round loss bonus). The score is now 3-0 to Team A.
  2. Team A (0, because while they started with a loss count of 1, they won three in a row. This new system subtracts round wins from round losses) fights Team B (4, because they’ve lost the first 3 rounds, plus the initial “free” loss round) on Round 4 and loses. A Team will now start Round 5 with $1400 bonus because their wins have cancelled out their losses. Team B, however, will now be (3[4 losses-1 win = 3]) and receive the normal amount of bonus money for winning a round.
  3. Team B loses round 6. They are now (4). Normally, this would result in Team B getting reset and only being awarded the $1400 bonus for round 7. Now, however, Team B will be awarded a loss bonus based on its total number of round losses minus the total number of round wins. This means that Team B, who has lost 5 rounds and won one round, will get $3400 for having a net 4 round losses.

Again, still a little complicated. Here’s the formula:

To calculate how much money a team will get when you lose a round, do this:

(Total Rounds Lost) – (Total Rounds Won) = Round Loss Bonus (according to the chart below)

  •  0 Losses: $1400
  •  1 Loss: $1900
  •  2 Losses: $2400
  •  3 Losses: $2900
  •  4+ Losses: $3400

Valve has added a setting that will disable this change: mp_consecutive_loss_aversion (0/1).


AUG Price Raised


Additionally, Valve reverted the AUG change that they introduced in a patch last year. When that patch was released, the price of the AUG was lowered to $3,100. This update, however, returns the AUG to its original price of $3,300.

The M4A1-S

The buff every M4A1-S player has been asking for is here. The CT-exclusive silenced rifle now has 25 bullets in the magazine and an additional 75 bullets in reserve.

Shotgun Changes

The Shotgun changes aren’t terribly exciting, but here they are!

  • Price reduction for some shotguns: Nova ($1050), Sawed-Off ($1100), Mag7 ($1300).
  • Nova penetration increased to 1.
  • Sawed-Off range increased to 1400.
  • Single shell shotguns in the middle of their reload sequence will no longer automatically continue to reload after a player holsters and deploys them.

Cumulative Effect

While the point of Valve’s AUG “nerf” has most likely been to lower the amount of AUGs purchased in games, we won’t know just how well that works until Blast Pro Series Sao Paulo later this month. With the additional effects of the economy changes, it actually might be easier for CT teams to bring out the AUG despite its price increase.

Pro Reactions

Counterstrike pros took to Twitter to give their take on the update:


Looks like Nitr0 will need a calculator.


Dupreeh is a fan.

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