Charlie Cater
Charlie Cater
Charlie "MiniTates" Cater is a college student from England with a passion for esports gaming especially Call of Duty. He has followed the competitive scene since Black Ops 2. He hopes to pursue this passion through a university esports degree.

CoD: Specialist Vault Removed In Recent Warzone Update

Game art from Call of Duty Warzone showing an Operator takes aim with their sniper on the corner of a rooftop while another peers through a set of binoculars as helicopters fly overhead
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Fans are disappointed with Raven’s most recent Warzone update.

When Warzone entered its 80’s action heroes event, fans instantly fell in love with Nakatomi Plaza, and it's Specialist Vault. This vault was a new feature that gave the players who accessed it, $100K and Specialist bonus.

Specialist Bonus grants the player every single perk in the game. Making you extremely powerful, and hard to take down. While accessing the vault was the primary way to obtain this, it would also be dropped upon death, allowing players to camp outside of the building, and take down the team as they leave.

How Overpowered is Specialist?

While some players may think having access to every perk would be useful, but not overpowered. It most definitely is. The $100K also helps, allowing you to continuously buy UAVs, Self-Revives and your fallen teammates. To show the power of Specialist, MuTeX has broken two Warzone World Records in the past week, putting up 61 kills in Solo Quads, and 111 kills in Trio Quads with his teammates, Almond and ZLaner.

Community Disappointment

Following the announcement of Specialist Bonus being removed from the game, popular streamer Nickmercs was quick to react with a simple, “Why”, to Raven Software. While another FaZe member in Testyment said how “Specialist was too much fun”.

Specialist added another level of pace to Warzone, and that’s what the players loved. It allowed them to run through lobbies, and completely dominate. While it may not have been fair for tournaments, the pub stomping ability it gave was unmatched, and fans are sad to see it go.

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