CoD Season 2 DMZ Patch To Wipe Out Previous Progress, Introduce New Exclusion Zone

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CoD Season 2 DMZ Patch To Wipe Out Previous Progress, Introduce New Exclusion Zone

The CoD Season 2 DMZ Patch will reset all player progress and add a new exclusion zone map called Ashika Island.

With several big updates lined up for MW2 and its battle royale counterpart, Season 2 is slated to bring a plethora of content to Call of Duty. The new Ashika Island map coming to Warzone™ 2.0 is a brand-new Exclusion Zone for DMZ. Players will infiltrate on the shores of the island before making their way inland. Infiltration is under heavy fog that can impact combat by providing cover for both Operators and the occupying force: Shadow Company… but what could they be doing here?

Besides bring a new weapons case, the Season 2 update will also feature a new boss called “The Bombmaker”· The massive content update promises players with more locked and “dangerous” spaces to access and explore. There is also a lot more to discover in the new exclusion zone, and the entirety of which will be revealed through the full patch notes reveal slated to drop early next week.

Building 21

In Season 01 Reloaded, we introduced Building 21 with a unique Access Card and a timed infiltration window. Building 21 will be available in missions as another Exclusion Zone option.However, entering Building 21 will require access cards.  To gain Access Cards, players need to looking for the same in the following loot crates available in Al Mazrah or Ashika Island:

  • S.A.M. Site Crates
  • Chopper Boss Crates
  • Buy Stations
  • Legendary (Orange) Crates

After gaining access to Access Cards (pun intended), players need to have a substantial amount of gear in order to face AI combatants in Building 21.

Al Mazrah

There are developments to explore in Al Mazrah as well, with updated intel indicating including the crash of an unknown aircraft at the Sattiq Cave Complex. The fight between White Lotus and Legion rages on… perhaps Operators can take advantage of this inter-faction animosity?

Refresh and Reset

All the faction missions and DMZ Season 1 player progress will be wiled out in order to keep the game fresh. However, Insured Weapons Slots unlocked through previous Faction Mission progress will not be reset. Players will get to keep their Season 01 mission and boss enemy rewards. Here are the specific details as to what the players can expect to get “wiped out” or reset:

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· Contraband Weapon Inventories will be rolled back to the starting weapons.

· Key Inventories will be emptied.

· Faction Missions and mission progress will be reset to make room for an updated mission set that incorporates all Exclusion Zones.

Infinity Ward has als revealed the list of reasons behind their’ decision to reset the previous player progress. The progress reset however, might trigger a lot of fans, but Infinity Ward has their own list of reasons.

· Mission progress in Season 01 got too difficult, too quickly. With Season 02 we're making sure each mission’s challenge and time requirements are more balanced.

· The Key Stash will now be able to hold specific mission items that you must gather from one Exclusion Zone and bring to another. This allows us to have longer form missions that utilize all of our Exclusion Zones.

· With the new mission set, we can employ multi-location missions that send players to Al Mazrah, to Ashika Island, and to Building 21. The mission refresh is made up of new missions, updated missions and missions the team felt “worked really well” during Season 01.

CoD Season 2 DMZ Patch Recently Revealed Changes

Enemy Tuning

In Season 01 the AI in DMZ were challenging, but the ramp up of difficulty was often steep with some players getting overwhelmed. With Season 02, we've introduced a number of balance changes to adjust the types of AI spawning, the number of AI spawning, and the accuracy of AI at range and much more. All of this should provide a challenging but manageable play-space that still requires player respect of enemy combatants in the DMZ.

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Spawn Points

We are tuning some of the infil points across Al Mazrah for improved early match experience based on gameplay data. Starting at a point at which your squad feels isolated or without loot and contract opportunities is not the best experience. These tweaks should improve spawn points across the map.

Dev Update: In addition to moving infiltration points, we’ve also made changes to exfil, boss and dead drop locations across Al Mazrah.

Mission Difficulty Tuning

Data and feedback reinforced that the Faction Mission difficulty ramp was too aggressive for many Players, and that the demanding scale ultimately made it very challenging to unlock the second Insured Weapon Slot (completing all Tier 3 Missions) in Season 01. We have adjusted the overall scaling of difficulty in Missions as the Tiers progress. Later Tier Missions will still be quite challenging even for the experienced Operator, but we believe more straightforward access to an additional Insured Slot will provide a better path forward for all Players.

When Does the CoD DMZ Season 2 Update Release?

The Season 2 update is scheduled to release on servers across all regions on Wednesday, February 15. Earlier slated to hit servers on February 1, the developer decided to postpone the update’s release by 2 weeks due to the game’s “frustrating” UI  bugs and glitches. To ensure that the content release is met with expectations, Infinity Ward has deployed push several stability hotfixes until the Season 2 release. The DMZ mode is slated to go offline for a couple of hours before the patch goes live. The specific time and date will be announced by the developers later. Fans of the Tarkov-esque DMZ mode can view the full blog update by clicking here.

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