CoD: BOCW Update Brings Weapon Balancing And Changes to Control

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CoD: BOCW Update Brings Weapon Balancing And Changes to Control

The new BOCW update switches up the weapon hierarchy.

Black Ops Cold War’s mid-season update for Season 2 goes live tonight. Because of this, Treyarch has given us the patch notes ahead of the update. Many changes to the weapon balancing, and CDL game modes have come in. Here’s everything you need to know.

Weapon Changes

Many weapons have been buffed/nerfed in this update. However, the most notable are:

Krig 6

The Krig 6 has received a “Complete tuning pass on weapon accuracy, weapon movement, and visual clarity while firing with any Optic attachment.” This means that it may be easier to use, and ARs will love it even more.

Milano 821

The Milano could be seen in the Call of Duty League this week, with a massive overhaul coming it's way.

  • Increased mid-range damage by 10%.
  • Increased mid-range damage range by 33%.
  • Increased sprint-out speed by 14.2%.
  • Increased raise speed by 11%.
  • Slightly increased ADS-in speed.


The AK-74u is one weapon that receives a nerf to its muzzle velocity and accuracy during prolonged fire. This will revert the weapon into more of an SMG, compared to the AR that it used to seem like.

Control Changes

Control has been a very defensive-side-heavy game mode so far in Black Ops Cold War. Tonight's update looks to change that. While these changes are not final, they will be options in custom games, and therefore most likely used in the CDL.

  • Time Per Segment: The amount of time added onto the current round time limit when a zone segment is captured.
  • Overtime Rules: Determines whether Overtime Defense is given to the team with the most kills or the most zone segments captured during the previous rounds.

BOCW’s Mid-Season update goes live at 12 AM ET tonight and will be around 15GB for most users.