Clash Royale Rankings

The following are unofficial rankings produced by our Clash Royale expert and ex-pro Evan Kent. The rankings are used as a measure to gauge players performance over the season. Rankings determined based points accumulated over the season, all players started at the same amount of points. Amount of points won/lost depends on ranking relative to the opponent, more points earned for beating a higher ranked opponent, more points deducted when losing to a lower ranked opponent, etc. Games include both 1v1 and KotH sets, points determined after each individual game has concluded in a set.

Updated: April 15, 2019

CRL China 1V1 Rankings

RankPlayerTeamWLTWin %PTS
1(-)Jiu.Bao (久宝宝)LGD1721989.47%2114
2(-)Peas (豆豆)Newbee1662272.73%1768
3(+9)D.King (单王)Gen.G1261866.67%1556
4(-1)Nuomici (糯米糍)W.EDGM1362161.90%1536
5(+24)Lciop (诺克发的力量)Nova1192055.00%1474
6(+9)Winds (所追寻的风)Gen.G1071855.56%1268
7(+4)Magician (魔法师)WE42666.67%1238
8(+9)YZZY (亚洲之鹰)WE871650.00%1202
9(New)Plaque (斑斑)Newbee42666.67%1176
10(-5)Higher (嗨尔)W.EDGM11102250.00%1124
11(+2)Aaron (老中医)Nova21366.67%1120
12(-2)Xun (陈)Newbee1092050.00%1120
13(-9)WanGe (挽歌)JDG1081855.56%1106
14(-8)sunDY (太阳)WE13112454.17%1102
15(-8)Little Chen (小陈)Nova671346.15%1080
16(-2)QuietTime (静战者)JDG44850.00%1016
17(-8)Auk (诶呦仔397)LGD861553.33%1010
18(-10)Shan (泗水山)WE781546.67%974
19(+12)B-King (小钢炮)Nova33742.86%964
20(+4)S (深哥哥)JDG35933.33%962
21(-2)Xiaosa (潇洒)Newbee9101947.37%934
22(+1)Houyi (后裔)XQ8122138.10%932
23(-1)Yaoyao (尧尧)Nova12333.33%918
24(-6)Xiaok (小K)Gen.g581338.46%896
25(-9)Johnson (小星仔)Nova24633.33%874
26(-6)King (可乐)JDG13425.00%864
27(-2)YWMX (鱼丸米线)WE0220.00%862
28(-2)YuLin (钰麟)W.EDGM13425.00%860
29(+4)Solo Man (门神)W.EDGM6111735.29%814
30(-)Xiaoke (筱可)XQ371030.00%802
31(-4)Novice (言葉)JDG281020.00%740
32(-4)Fearless (无忌)LGD6122030.00%738
33(-12)Happy Sheep (喜羊弟)LGD0340.00%734
34(-2)Octopus (小章鱼)XQ271020.00%696
35(-1)Granzort (素素)XQ18911.11%606

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