Can You Respec in Starfield?

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Can You Respec in Starfield?

Starfield offers its players a very high amount of skills to unlock. With that being said, the skill system is slightly different than usual because there is not a single skill tree but there are five divided into tech, science, combat, physical, and social. As a result, choosing the most suitable skills may not be a very simple thing. For this reason, many are asking the question “Can you respec in Starfield?”. In this article, we give you a detailed answer to this question.

How to respec in Starfield

Unfortunately, Starfield doesn't offer the ability to respec your abilities simply by pressing a specific button. This is certainly a particular choice and one that was not appreciated by many players. In a game like this, in fact, it is very useful to have the possibility of being able to reorganize your skills during the course of the game, especially because you might realize that you have not built a build that suits your way of playing.

As a result, the feature that allows players to respec their skills is always a very welcome feature. Unfortunately, however, Bethesda decided to go against the grain and not add this feature in their new game. However, there is another method to have the same result and in this guide, we will show you every step to take in order to do so.

As we said, Starfield does not give players the possibility to reallocate already spent skill points to be able to spend them on skills different from those on which they were previously spent. Although, this is not a huge problem (as it could be in other games) because in Starfield there is no type of level cap, this means that the levels are practically infinite and you can unlock all the skills you want, it is also true that perhaps in a certain part of the game you may need skills that you have not yet unlocked. At that point, it might be convenient to have the respec functionality, but don't worry because you can work around the problem.

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If you don't have the desire or time to unlock specific skills with normal progression and want a more direct approach, you can make use of console commands. The process is slightly more tedious than having a native respec feature in the game, of course, but it's still a great alternative that works in a very similar way and still allows you to achieve your goal.

All you have to do, then, is open the console commands by pressing the grave key, i.e. (‘). As you can well see, it is a key found only on the keyboard and therefore this procedure, unfortunately, is only available for PC players. Once you open the Console, all you have to do is remove and add a skill point. In this case, add one with the “player.addperk (Perk ID)” command from the skill you want to assign a point to and remove one from the one you want to remove it from with the “player.removeperk (Perk ID)” command.

At this point, you will have managed to obtain a result similar to the classic respec present in games, although in a slightly more sophisticated way and with the limitation of being only available on PC. However, since Starfield saves are cross-platform, you could carry out this procedure on PC and then transfer the file to console.

The important thing to underline is, however, before concluding this guide, that carrying out this procedure will disable the obtaining of achievements. Consequently, if you are intent on obtaining them, either you give up this respec functionality or you rely on third-party mods that allow you to unlock the achievements anyway. The choice is yours.

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can you respec in starfield

Can You Respec in Starfield?
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