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Anuj Gupta
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Call Of Duty: Mobile – Season 2 Update Live With A Surprise New Operator

Concrete barricades spell out the letters "CODM" in the middle of a conflict zone

Activision has launched the Season 2: Day of Reckoning update with a surprise and lots of new additions for Call of Duty: Mobile players.

Call Of Duty: Mobile’s new update is now available for download.

The update includes a new operator named Charly, and players can get her for free when they update the game. There are no time limits and restrictions to getting the brand new operator. She's also the default operator for new players installing the game.

Like Season 1 of Call of Duty, the developers have added a lot of extra features and content to the game. The new battle pass will go live on March 11, UTC. According to the official details, premium battle pass features Epic Blueprints for new weapons, Epic Soldiers and Legendary calling cards. The free battle pass also has a new base weapon and a new scorestreak.

Additions to multiplayer include new maps like Shoot House and the modern Shipment with new game mode named Gunfight: Sniper. COD Mobile also has new features for loadouts in the game.

Apart from updates to Multiplayer, the Battle Royale mode also saw some exciting fresh additions. The developers have included a new game mode named Tank Battle and a new vehicle to the game.

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Activision has also updated the weapons lists in the game and made several improvements & optimizations to better the game. For a more detailed read on the patch notes, check out our article here.

Feature Image: /r/CallOfDutyMobile

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