Call Of Duty: Mobile – Season 2 Patch Notes Out

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Call Of Duty: Mobile – Season 2 Patch Notes Out

There's plenty of exciting new additions in the upcoming CoD: Mobile Season 2 update Day Of Reckoning.

COD Mobile will drop a new season update on March 10. The update will mark the end of Season 1 New Order, which began back in January.

The Season 2, Day Of Reckoning update will bring in several additions and important changes to Activision’s title. The complete patch notes are available here.

Fresh Battle Pass Rewards

A bunch of cool new rewards will be added to the Battle Pass, including a new base weapon and scorestreak ability.

New base weapon: AS VAL

A special rifle with high fire rate and damage. Featuring a subsonic design which creates a silencing effect. Slow bullet speed with visible bullet falling trajectory are some of the downsides.

New Scorestreak; Napalm

The new scorestreak, Napalm, can scorch nearby enemies with flames.

Alongside these, players can also expect the following additional swag:

  • New epic Blueprints
  • Four new epic Soldiers
  • New Legendary Calling Cards

New Events Rewards

A new Perk called Recon means nearby enemies will now be scanned and displayed on the mini map after the player is killed.

New Rank Series

When the patch goes live the current rank Series resets to Series one. The new Series will run from March to May 2021.

Additions to Multiplayer

Multiplayer will feature two new maps for players to enjoy, including a CoD classic.

Shoot House: The popular Call of Duty: Modern Warfare map, featuring a military training ground located in the middle of a desert. The map includes a classic 3-route design. Shoot House is available for Team DeathMatch, Domination, Hard Point, Kill Confirmed and more.

The new CoD: Mobile map, Shoothouse, showing an abandonned construction siteImage: Call of Duty Blog

Shipment - Modern: The classic map in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare. The renovated version includes changes from the WWII style shipment port to modern style. New Shipment is available for Team DeathMatch, Domination, Hard Point, Kill Confirmed and more.

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New Featured Game Mode: Gunfight Sniper

A brand new featured game mode will also be landing. In Gunfight Sniper players need to eliminate or capture objectives by using only given sniper rifles. New weapons like Kilo-Bolt Action, SKS and NA-45 are also available in this mode. Maps available for this mode are Cage, Shipment, Pine, King and more.

New Loadout Features

Some upgrades to the loadout screen should provide players more options in game.

  • Blueprint Overview: Players now have the option to select and change blueprints in the Loadout conveniently by clicking the "OVERVIEW" icon.
  • Recently Acquired Items: Changes to the notification clearing icon (the exclamation mark with a slash) will  now show all new items players recently acquired, including weapons, attachments, soldiers, camos, and others.
  • Blueprints Available: Players will now be able to see new blueprints available in the Loadout.

Additions to Battle Royale

Some cool new perks are also coming to CoD: Mobile's BR. Including custom airdrop weapons, a new vehicle and a new game modes.

New Featured Game Mode: Tank Battle

New game mode Tank Battle requires players to collect five components and assemble their tank. They can also assemble tanks by blueprint in the airdrop. Part of the tank include tank chassis, Components for tank's engine, Components for tank's armor, Components for tank's primary weapon, Components for tank's secondary weapon. Anti-Tank weapons including Delay Bomb, Proximity Mine, Anti-Tank Sticky Grenade, Anti-Tank Sniper and Anti-Tank War Machine will feature in the mode. And Tank repairs can be completed with Welding Gun the tool. The game mode features three types of Tank blueprints

New Vehicle

The Cargo Truck is a two seater vehicle including seats for the driver and the co-driver. The body however can accommodate many soldiers who can move freely. Features slow acceleration, but offers high durability and protection.

New Custom Airdrop Weapons

Soldiers can now equip pistols as custom airdrop weapons.

Apart from the above major updates, the game will also be adding plenty of new weapons in an update to the weapons list. They've also made many improvements and optimizations to the game across all game modes.

Feature Image: Activision