Best Early Build in No Rest for the Wicked

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Best Early Build in No Rest for the Wicked

No Rest for the Wicked has multiple weapons available in the game. Each weapon has a certain combo to master. We will break down the best early build in No Rest for the Wicked

No Rest for the Wicked has a large weapons variety. The developers have promised over 90 types of weapons with unique combos in the game. However, the early access version of the game has about 10 of these weapons available. We will look into what weapons and upgrades give you the best build in the game.

Builds in No Rest for the Wicked depend on the type of weapon you use and the amount of times you upgrade your gear. The more you upgrade, the better the build. The choice of weapon can also vary depending on your playstyle. Some weapons provide long, fast combos while others do large damage but are slow. We will break down this build guide into two sections. The weapon and the upgrades.

Best Early Build in No Rest for the Wicked: Weapons

There are about ten weapons available in the early access of the game. These weapons can be found in loot chests littered throughout the world. Loot chests in the game are based on RNG (random number generated). The same loot chest can give two players two different weapons. The loot chests also respawn based on specific timers. You can always go back to a loot chest you unlocked before to reap new rewards. This can easily be done as when enemies are killed in this game, they do not respawn. That being said, among the ten weapons currently available, we think two stand out among the crowd.

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Claymore: Two Handed Great Sword

Best Early Build in No Rest for the Wicked

The Two Handed Great Sword is a classic weapon type. It comes as no surprise that it is also extremely good in this game. While the weapon can be a slow build, it is a powerhouse. Its normal moves are an overhead slash and a side slash. Its sprinting attack has some reach due to the massive size of the sword. The sword’s best quality by far is its charge attack. It makes what is an otherwise clunky weapon, an absolute powerhouse. The charge attack does devastating damage and your character lunges forward for the attack. It has both range and attack prowess. The sword is best used through parrying and attacking stunned opponents.

One Handed Mace

Best Early Build in No Rest for the Wicked

The One Handed Mace is a fast attacking weapon. It is a two-input, three-attack combo weapon. The weapon allows you to have an agile build and blitz through opponents. The mace’s normal attacks and charge attacks do the same move. It can therefore be used in a very versatile way. You can do two charge attacks, one normal attack and one charge attack or one charge attack and one normal attack. The weapon is really fun to use due to the combo potential it has. The mace also has good sprint and back attacks both of which can allow you to build on your combos.

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Best Early Game Build in No Rest for the Wicked: Upgrades

The best way to take your build to the next level is by upgrading your gear. Once you reach Sacrament City. This city has the merchant Eleanor who can enhance your gear. She also sells runes and allows you to break weapons you do not need to use their runes. The upgrades Eleanor can give you are some of the best you can receive in the game.

The Enhance feature in the store will turn your gear into blue level or purple level gear. Blue level gear gives you a bunch of bonuses to your stats while purple gear gives you better perks but one handicap. These handicaps can be the loss of health or the loss of experience. We recommend going for blue upgrades as they are not punishing to use. Only use the purple upgrades when the handicap triggers upon death. The best purple upgrade is the one that allows you to heal passively. Its handicap is losing your experience points if you die.

Remember to fit your gear with strong runes to give you additional attack stats to further upgrade your build. Two of the best runes are passive healing and a rune that instantly teleports you back to Sacrament City. The latter rune can act as a get out jail free card when things get hairy in the heat of battle.

Overall, remember to continuously upgrade your equipment to get the best build in the game.

Best Early Build in No Rest for the Wicked
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