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Best CSGO Betting Sites

CSGO ESTNN Image By: ESPAT David Doran
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Looking for the top CSGO betting sites right now? You’ve come to the right place - just read on.

The best CSGO betting sites in the US

CSGO, or Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, is one of the top 'shooter' esports games in the world. It has amassed a following of millions over the years, and for professional competitions, interest in this sport and game really has gone parabolic. Therefore, it’s understandable to want access to the best CSGO betting sites in North America right now, which you’ll find detailed below:

  • Draftkings
  • Fanduel
  • Pointsbet
  • Bet365

DraftKings - all around quality

Let’s kick things off with DraftKings, a betting site in the US that specializes in several esports - not just CSGO, but many other fantasy games. However, for the purposes of our review here, it is clearly one of the best CSGO betting sites in the game. With a simple interface, a good welcome deposit bonus to use on a whole host of CSGO games, and near-instant withdrawals, this site doesn’t mess around.

FanDuel - a leader in this space

Esports pros on PC

You may have already heard of this one, FanDuel being one of the leaders in the online gaming industry. It is an absolute classic site for esports betting, especially for CSGO. Not only does this site offer daily giveaways, but it also has its own leagues where you can compete against other members of the platform. It’s also got a nice dynamic set up on the website, and this really helps to grip your attention and make it exciting.

Pointsbet - extensive with bonuses galore

Pointsbet really lives up to its reputation, with a vibrant dynamic and hundreds if not thousands of members participating in CSGO betting. At first, it can be a little complicated to get to grips with the site. But since it has so much information such as market explanations, percentage chances of a win, and betting activities of other members, it’s understandable that there is a bit of a learning curve. One thing we love about this one, however, is the large and varied bonuses, combined with the generous jackpots for select competitions.


Bet365 - Raw - plenty to offer CSGO bettors

It does not come as a surprise that Bet365 is one of the more trusted CSGO betting sites out there. CSGO enthusiasts have flocked to this operator in masses and with good reason. Starting with a potential welcome pack when signing up, and moving through the unique betting markets and ongoing competitions, there is never a dull moment on this site. It’s also ideal for those who want to place some CSGO bets while out and about since the mobile site is designed very well too.

Major CSGO betting events to watch out for

CSGO ‘Majors’

You can think of these tournaments as the largest and most prestigious of them all. Essentially, this is the one tournament of the year where both players and fans step up their game, mainly because this tournament dictates who the best CSGO players are in the entire world. The first major CSGO event was actually contested back in 2013, but since then, interest in the game and indeed, with esports as a whole, has exploded. That’s why CSGO majors can now have millions in prize money, and they are generally played all around the world.

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As you’d expect, the best CSGO betting sites serve up plenty of bonuses for these events too, so make sure you tune in when they get played.


‘S-Tier’ CSGO events

These are the next level of CSGO events besides Majors, and they are equally as appealing for players and fans alike. It’s not like these are small-scale events either, for many now have prize pools that run deep into the hundreds of thousands, and some have even surpassed the one million mark. Take the 2020 event in Rio as a prime example - the prize money on offer here reached two million USD, which is fairly large we must say. And unlike Majors, S-Tier events are reasonably plentiful, with usually 5-10 events taking place each year.

‘A-Tier’ CSGO events

CSGO Equipment

As you have likely gathered, A-Tier events are then one below S-Tier events, but again, they rank highly in terms of prestige. Since these events actually have a direct impact on which individuals and teams can qualify towards S-Tier events and Majors, they usually have plenty of awesome players involved. And if you are an esports fan who likes to watch the action, you’ll be pleased to learn that the best CSGO betting sites will often have live streaming for such events too. As for where and when they take place, these events are usually happening several times throughout each month, and they can be played essentially on any continent in the world.

The actual events and locations are forever changing, so we’d recommend checking out the updated esports calendars when you can.

What to consider when sourcing the best CSGO betting sites

General bonuses

Being sports bettors, it runs in our blood that we are willing to stump up our own cash to place esports bets. However, one of the best ways to not always do this is to find CSGO betting sites that actually have plenty of bonuses. These can come in the form of ‘free packages’ (usually as a welcome bonus), deposit boosts, and various free bets. So if you grab as many of these as you can, there’s a good chance of turning things in your favor when you bet on CSGO - at least as far as the bookies edge goes.


Market quality

If you could only bet on one or two esports markets, you likely wouldn’t have such an enjoyable time. In fact, you’d probably get bored quite quickly by always having to bet on the same esports markets. Instead, why not wager at the best CSGO betting sites to ensure that you get plenty of variety, and therefore ensure that things are kept interesting? This can have a huge impact on your overall enjoyment and even your betting success in the long run, so it’s worth it to find sites that provide this.

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Adding on from our first two points, you have to be able to trust a site before you go and sign up, and certainly before you deposit any money. Usually, CSGO betting sites will have plenty of online reviews from existing players. Should these look favorable, then this is already a good start. However, beyond the existing player reviews, you must actually look at the specifics of the site. For example, are they licensed to provide online betting services in the US? Are they using SSL encryptions for all player transactions? Both of these boxes need to be ticked before you should even consider signing up.

Availability of reliable payment options

Speaking of payment options, you need to ensure that CSGO betting sites have plenty of them. Not only this, you must double-check that the supported methods are trusted and reliable in the online betting space. For example, payment options such as e-wallets, debit cards, prepaid cards, and direct bank transfers are all highly secure, with a long-standing record of success. But should you look into other options like Cryptocurrency, as an example, you’ll need to ensure that these are safe to use!

FAQS - best CSGO betting sites

How often can I bet on CSGO events at these sites?


In short, as much as you’d like. Given how popular CSGO is on the esports scene, there are events taking place almost daily. Of course, this means you can wager on CSGO games each and every day if you really wanted to.

What are the sign-up requirements I must adhere to?

Since these are all US-approved gambling sites, you must be based in the USA and over the legal gambling age of 21.

Can I win real money at CSGO betting sites?


Yes, but this is obviously not guaranteed. In fact, there are many sports punters that lose money in the long run. Likewise, there are also many punters that gain in the long run - it all depends on the bets you make, your strategies, and a little bit of luck!

Is it only CSGO I can bet on at these sites?

Not necessarily. While yes, we’ve identified these as the best CSGO betting sites right now, some do cover esports events too. It just depends on which site you choose.

Image By: ESPAT David Doran


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