Best Allies for Phantom Assassin in 7.32e

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Best Allies for Phantom Assassin in 7.32e

Your friends can choose these heroes to help Phantom Assassin get more kills in the latest 7.32e patch for Dota 2. 

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The 5v5 game requires a closely-knit team to enjoy the true experience of Dota 2. Teammates can play different roles in the team, such as a support hero and a carry hero, to make it easier for esports teams to defeat their opponents in battle. 

Phantom Assassin – Bury Your Enemies Within The Blink of An Eye

Phantom Assassin gets early kills in 7.32e

Phantom Assassin is a lady trained in the art of death. She can hurl daggers of death to strike her enemies from the shadows to deal tons of damage during battles. The carry hero can eliminate enemy heroes in a matter of seconds to defeat the enemy team in Dota 2 matches. 

She has a base Agility of 23 and gains 3.2 Agility per level. Phantom Assassin has to rely on her allies early in the game to level up faster in lanes without getting killed by enemy heroes. The Agility hero can take the safe lane to earn bonus gold from neutral creep camps. 

You can let your friends pick these heroes in Dota 2 games to assist Phantom Assassin in increasing her kill counts in the 7.32e update.


Pudge disables enemies to assist Phantom Assassin

Pudge is an outright serial killer in battles. He can launch Meat Hooks to grab enemy heroes from a distance of 1300. Phantom Assassin can attack her enemies with Stifling Daggers to slow their movement speed in lanes to help Pudge pull enemy heroes using Meat Hooks. Enemy units caught by a Meat Hook can take up to 360 Pure damage. 

Phantom Assassin can blink on enemies affected by Meat Hook using Phantom Strike to deliver a number of physical attacks in battles. Pudge can turn on Rot to restrain the movement of enemy heroes, preventing them from escaping ambushes from your team. Phantom Assassin gains 170 bonus attack speed for 2 seconds using Phantom Strike. 

Pudge can buy a Rod of Atos while teaming up with Phantom Assassin to root enemy heroes. Rod of Atos lets Pudge trap his enemies for up to 2 seconds. Phantom Assassin can close in on her opponents rooted by Pudge to land the final blow on them. Allies can purchase an Aether Lens for Pudge to increase the cast range of his spells and items by 225, extending the distance covered by his Meat Hooks to assist Phantom Assassin during team fights in Dota 2 matches. 

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People playing Pudge can use an Arcane Boots to restore mana to Phantom Assassin between battles. Arcane Boots will provide an additional 250 mana and 45 movement speed to Pudge. The Strength hero can also use Arcane Boots to replenish 175 mana to Phantom Assassin, making Pudge a reliable ally in 7.32e.


Axe taunts enemies to help Phantom Assassin

Axe can enter battles and force them to attack him, allowing Mortred to strike her enemies without getting hit. The tank hero has a base health of 700 and gains 2.8 Strength per level. People can use Berserker’s Call to initiate team fights with Axe to taunt multiple enemy units for 3.2 seconds in a radius of 300 around him. Axe gains an additional 25 bonus armor, letting him take reduced damage from enemy attacks while Phantom Assassin slits her foes from the enemy team. Berserker’s Call has a cooldown of 11 seconds and requires 110 mana to be used per cast. 

People can max out Counter Helix to deal 180 Pure damage to enemy units around Axe. Counter Helix has a 20% chance to be triggered per attack from enemy units at level 4. You can purchase a Blade Mail for Axe to return up to 85% of incoming damage for 5.5 seconds. Blade Mail also provides 28 attack damage and 6 armor to Axe. The item can be bought for 2100 gold in the game. 

Items like Crimson Guard can help Axe and his allies survive longer in battles. Crimson Guard can be activated by Axe to apply a shield on Phantom Assassin that blocks 75 damage from enemy attacks for 12 seconds. Phantom Assassin can buy a Battle Fury to spread the damage to surrounding enemy units while partying with Axe. Battle Fury grants 60 attack damage, 7.5 health regeneration, and 2.75 mana regeneration to Mortred. Phantom Assassin gains the passive ability, Cleave, that deals a portion of her attack damage to enemy units in a radius of 650. 


Warlock chases enemy heroes with Phantom Assassin

Warlock is a support hero with several spells that can be used to annihilate enemy heroes in Dota 2 matches. He can cast Fatal Bonds on up to 6 enemy units at once to deal more damage to the enemy team. Phantom Assassin can jump into battles after Fatal Bonds has been cast on enemy heroes to dish out massive amounts of damage to them. Her ulti, Coup De Grace, gives Mortred a 15% chance to deal 450% of her attack damage per hit. 

Fatal Bonds will let Phantom Assassin kill a number of enemy heroes in team fights effortlessly. Warlock can protect Phantom Assassin in battles by using Shadow Word on her. Mortred can recover up to 45 health per second for 10 seconds after Warlock casts Shadow Word.

Warlock can make his enemies crawl using Upheaval. Enemy units affected by Upheaval have their movement speed slowed by 25% per second. Phantom Assassin can use Blur before striking enemies slowed by Warlock to perform stealth kills in her matches. Blur also provides a 50% evasion from physical attacks, helping Phantom Assassin tank more damage from carry heroes in the enemy team. 

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Allies can use Chaotic Offering to summon Golems in battles. Golems can strike enemy heroes with 230 damage per hit and have a maximum health of 3200. People can increase the number of Golems summoned by Chaotic Offering to 2 after purchasing an Aghanim’s Scepter. Many people prefer to buy a Refresher Orb to summon up to 4 Golems at once with Warlock, making it much easier to push lanes with Phantom Assassin in their party. 


Windranger and Phantom Assassin strike Wraith King in the jungle

Windranger is a carry hero who can stun multiple enemies. She can use Shackleshot to disable up to 2 enemy heroes for 3.8 seconds, giving Windranger and Phantom Assassin adequate time to mitigate enemy heroes. Windranger can nuke enemy heroes in her lane by releasing a Powershot to deal 450 damage to them. Powershots have a cast range of 3000, letting Windranger get several assists in her matches. 

The Intelligence hero can use Windrun to chase her opponents in battles. Windranger can increase her movement speed by 60% for 6 seconds using Windrun. She can also use Windrun to become invisible by purchasing an Aghanim’s Scepter in Dota 2 games. Phantom Assassin can use Stifling Dagger to slow enemy heroes on the run, giving Windranger a chance to hit enemies with a Shackleshot that can be used on trees to stun them. 

Her ulti, Focus Fire, can significantly improve the chances of winning matches online. Windranger can gain up to 500 bonus attack speed for 20 seconds using Focus Fire. Teammates can buy items like Maelstrom and Desolator to decimate enemy heroes slowed by Phantom Assassin. 


Lion helps Phantom Assassin earn more gold in the safe lane

Lion can be a tactile support hero in the massively multiplayer game. He can stun enemy units in front of him for 2.6 seconds using Earth Spike to deal 260 damage to them. Lion can drain the mana of his enemies using Mana Drain to absorb up to 120 mana per second for 5 seconds. The ranged hero can prevent his opponents from nuking Phantom Assassin with their spells by casting Mana Drain throughout the match.  

Phantom Assassin can farm more gold in lanes with Lion in her team. Lion can deny creeps and harass enemy heroes in lanes to help Phantom Assassin buy her core items faster. He can also use Hex to turn his opponents to critters for 4 seconds. His ulti, Finger of Death, can be used to deal over 850 damage to enemy heroes in an instant. Phantom Assassin can use Phantom Strike to hop onto enemy heroes weakened by Lion after he uses Finger of Death to get more kills.