Battle Pass 2022 – How to Play Dark Seer in Diretide

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Battle Pass 2022 – How to Play Dark Seer in Diretide

You can use these tactics to help you win more Diretide games while playing Dark Seer in Dota 2 with the Battle Pass 2022.

Gamers across the world are challenging each other in Diretide to collect Taffy with their teams. Diretide is the new seasonal game mode that has been introduced to Dota 2 players as part of the Battle Pass 2022. People can team up with their friends and attack Greevils to collect more Taffy on the Diretide map. 

You can play Diretide games to win Candy that can be traded for couriers, skins, and other rewards. Each team gets to defend 4 wells from enemy heroes and Roshan in Diretide mode. Roshan will roam the map in search of the well with the most Taffy scored in it to destroy it. 

Players can gather Taffy by attacking Greevils around Roshan in Diretide matches. You can collect Taffy and score them in enemy wells. The first team to lure Roshan into destroying all 4 of their enemy wells will win the Diretide game. 

Battle Pass 2022 provides Dota 2 players with plenty of opportunities to earn bonus battle points. Each week, people with the Battle Pass 2022 can try to complete Weekly Quests to gain thousands of battle points from their matches. These battle points can be used to unlock dozens of treasures for new skins for your most played heroes. 

Here’s a guide to help you learn how to play Dark Seer in Diretide mode. 

How to Play Dark Seer in Diretide

Dark Seer deposits Taffy in enemy wells in Diretide

Dark Seer is an excellent choice for Diretide matches. The Intelligence hero can use his abilities to collect loads of Taffy within minutes. He can help his allies chase enemy heroes for kills and flee from battles without getting killed in combat. 

The melee hero can play an instrumental role in helping your team win in Diretide mode by attacking multiple Greevils on the map. He has a base armor of 5.2 that allows him to take last hits on Greevils. You can smash neutral creeps with Dark Seer between collecting Taffy to farm more gold in Diretide games.  

Dark Seer can level up Ion Shell to deal damage to multiple Greevils around him. Ion Shell deals 90 damage per second (DPS) to all enemy units in a 275 radius. It lasts for up to 30 seconds per cast. Ion Shell has a cooldown of 9 seconds and consumes 140 mana, letting you use Ion Shell on your allies frequently to collect more Taffy from Greevils. 

The Intelligence hero can use Ion Shell on teammates in battles to help them deal more damage while fighting enemy heroes. You can cast Ion Shell on more than one ally due to its reduced cooldown and the extended duration of the spell. You can increase the radius and DPS of Ion Shell through the Talent Tree. Dark Seer gains an additional charge for Ion Shell at level 25. 

You can cast Vacuum to pull Greevils closer to allies who have Ion Shell on them. Dark Seer can use Vacuum to draw all enemy units back in a 550 radius. Vacuum deals 250 damage and has a cast range of 600. It has a cooldown of 30 seconds and requires 150 mana to be cast in the game. You can increase the area of effect of Vacuum by 100 at level 15 through the Talent Tree. 

Dark Seer seeks out Greevils in Diretide

Dark Seer can use Ion Shell and Vacuum constantly in Diretide mode to collect tons of Taffy. Ion Shell and Vacuum can be maxed out early in the game to deal more damage to enemy heroes and Taffy Guardians who are protecting the enemy wells in Diretide matches. Purchasing items like Arcane Boots and Aether Lens can provide additional mana to cast these spells often in the game. 

The support hero can provide his teammates with maximum movement speed using Surge. Dark Seer can use Surge on allies to help them deposit Taffy in enemy wells faster after collecting them from Greevils. Allies gain full movement speed for up to 6 seconds after having Surge cast on them. Surge has a cooldown of 9 seconds and needs 50 mana per cast. 

His ulti, Wall of Replica, can be used to create illusions of enemy heroes. Dark Seer can create a wall of light that summons images of all enemy heroes who pass through it. These illusions deal 100% damage and take 200% damage from incoming attacks. Images summoned by Wall of Replica can last for up to 30 seconds. 

Dark Seer can cast Wall of Replica near enemy wells to annihilate Taffy Guardians with ease. Wall of Replica can help your team win team fights by creating multiple illusions to deal damage to enemy heroes. His ulti has a cooldown of 100 seconds and consumes 375 mana per cast. 

The support hero has several abilities that can be useful toward winning more Diretide games. Many people choose Dark Seer for his high DPS output during battles. People can stay close to their allies while playing Dark Seer to help allies score more Taffy in enemy wells.  

Items to Buy for Dark Seer in Diretide

Veil of Discord

Veil of Discord provides 5 Intelligence, 5 Strength, and 5 Agility to Dark Seer. The Intelligence hero can use Veil of Discord to cast Magic Weakness, increasing the damage dealt by magical spells on enemy units by 18%. 

Magic Weakness affects all enemy units in a 600 radius and lasts for up to 16 seconds. It has a cooldown of 22 seconds and requires 50 mana to be cast in the game. You can buy Veil of Discord for 1525 gold in Diretide mode. 

Aether Lens

Dark Seer increases his mana pool with Aether Lens in Diretide

Aether Lens provides 300 mana and 2.5 mana regeneration to the Intelligence hero. The item costs 2275 gold in the game. Aether Lens increases the cast range of Dark Seer’s spells and items by 225. The additional mana gained from Aether Lens will allow Dark Seer to cast his spells frequently throughout the game to collect and score plenty of Taffy from Greevils on the Diretide map. 

Eul’s Scepter of Divinity

Eul’s Scepter of Divinity grants 20 movement speed, 10 Intelligence, and 2.5 mana regeneration to Dark Seer. It can be purchased for 2725 gold in the game. Dark Seer can cast Cyclone on enemy heroes to disable them for 2.5 seconds. 

Enemy units will be lifted into the air while Cyclone is active and take 50 damage upon landing on the ground. Cyclone has a cooldown of 23 seconds and needs 175 mana per cast. Dark Seer can use Cyclone on enemy heroes before they can deal lethal damage to his allies. You can use Surge to help allies escape after using Cyclone on your opponents. Eul’s Scepter of Divinity can be upgraded to Wind Waker later in the game. 

Orchid Malevolence

Dark Seer gains 40 attack speed, 30 attack damage, and 3 mana regeneration by purchasing Orchid Malevolence. You can buy an Orchid Malevolence for 3475 gold. Dark Seer can use Orchid Malevolence to cast Soul Burn on enemy heroes. 

Soul Burn can silence Dark Seer’s opponents for 5 seconds. Silenced enemies take up to 30% more damage from attacks and spells. Soul Burn has a cooldown of 18 seconds and requires 100 mana to be cast. 

Shiva’s Guard

Dark Seer uses Artic Blast with Shiva's Guard in Diretide

Shiva’s Guard provides 30 Intelligence and 15 armor to Dark Seer. The item costs 4850 gold in the game. Dark Seer gains Freezing Aura by purchasing Shiva’s Guard. Freezing Aura slows the attack speed of enemy units by 45 and reduces their health regeneration rate by 25%. It affects all enemy units around 1200 radius of the Intelligence hero. 

Dark Seer can use Artic Blast using Shiva’s Guard to release a wave of frost that deals 200 damage to his enemies. Artic Blast affects all enemy units, including Greevils, Taffy Guardians, enemy heroes, and neutrals in a 900 radius. These units will have their movement speed slowed by 40% for up to 4 seconds. Artic Blast has a cooldown of 27 seconds and consumes 100 mana. 

Best Allies for Dark Seer in Diretide

Spirit Breaker 

Spirit Breaker is a durable tank hero in Dota 2. The Strength hero can run toward enemy heroes at increasingly fast speeds to kill them in battle. The melee hero has the right skills to deal more damage to his opponents while playing alongside Dark Seer in Diretide mode. 

Allies can use Charge of Darkness to stun enemy heroes after choosing Spirit Breaker. Charge of Darkness can be used to interrupt opponents while they deposit Taffy in your wells. Spirit Breaker can stun enemies for up to 2.4 seconds with Charge of Darkness. It has a cooldown of 11 seconds and consumes 120 mana. 

Dark Seer can cast Ion Shell on Spirit Breaker to help him deal up to 90 DPS during team fights. Spirit Breaker can activate Bulldoze to gain 65% magic resistance and 25% movement speed boost for up to 8 seconds. It has a cooldown of 16 seconds and requires 60 mana to be cast. 


Clinkz is an Agility hero who can explore the map freely in Diretide games. He can use Skeleton Walk to stay undetected while roaming around the map to find enemy heroes and Greevils. Skeleton Walk turns Clinkz invisible for up to 40 seconds and grants a 60% movement speed boost. 

Dark Seer can use Ion Shell on Clinkz after using Skeleton Walk to help allies collect Taffy without taking damage in Diretide mode. Skeleton Walk has a cooldown of 17 seconds and needs 80 mana.