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Ivica Milaric is a psychologist with a background in journalism and content creation, now working in the gaming industry. Ivica has been published by Playboy and has 3 books on Amazon. You can learn more about Ivica on our About page.
Esports News

Which Video Games Are Considered Esports?

There is a countless number of video games, created during almost half a century since the same industry was created. Over that period, numerous genres came about and to this day, new ones are

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Dota 2 The International

Esports Awards: Top 10 Esports Games of 2018

The entire field of esports can be called a super-competitive domain which attracts those who have an almost irresistible drive to compete and outdo everyone else. With this in mind, it is no wonder

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Esports Celebrities

Esports’ Most Influential Celebrity Investors

Esports, just like any other rapidly growing business, relies heavily on the individuals and companies that are willing to invest money in them. Current projections show the entire esports field to be worth more

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