Apex Legends: Respawn Release Season 7 Ascension Patch Notes

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Apex Legends: Respawn Release Season 7 Ascension Patch Notes

Respawn Entertainment has released the full details of what is coming in Season 7 Ascension.

Apex Legends Season 7 is due to arrive on November 4, bringing with it more significant changes for the future of Apex Legends. Respawn has kindly given us the great details of what to expect in Ascencion, with the full kit of Horizon revealed in detail and other seasonal goodies to go with it.


The slow build-up to reveal Horizon has been gradual, with hints in-game, to trailers demoing potential abilities. The new patch notes have put to bed the speculation on her kit as we know every bit of detail about it.

  • Passive: Spacewalk – Increase air control and reduce fall impacts with Horizon’s custom spacesuit.
  • Tactical: Gravity Lift – Reverse the flow of Gravity, lifting players upward and boosting them outward when they exit.
  • Ultimate: Black Hole – Deploy NEWT (Horizon’s robot) to create a mini black hole that sucks in nearby legends.

It seems Horizon’s kit is slightly supportive. Her Gravity Lift is going to be huge for traversing the map, especially with Olympus being a CityScape, with multiple floors. The same goes for World’s Edge, which has verticality with the train depot, and there are multi-story buildings throughout the map. No doubt this is going to be useful.

Another good use for Horizon is to deal with building campers, or people in cover. Using the ult can drag people out of cover and into the open. This is going to be big when dealing with stalwart tanky teams. And possibly good for catching out the fast-moving Legends if the Horizon positions and times things well.


Olympus is a city that floats above the clouds of Psamthe. Lore-wise, the city is known for the brightest minds gathering and creating scientific research and all other good sciency stuff. But an accident made it so the City had to be abandoned.

The map features the whole new Trident, which we dove into for gameplay tips and teasers. It also features a Phase Runner transportation, which they hid away. The Phase Runner allows players to teleport across the map in seconds. It seems that the teleportation network, the vehicle gameplay and the combination of city features are going to make Olympus a very interesting playthrough.

Limited Time Mode

The new LTM is a preview mode. Players can jump and get several goes with different circles, drops and more. Players will not be able to damage other players as the game has the game mode is strictly about learning the map. Guns will be able to drop so players can test ranges, angles and see what items drop where. There will be a few runs in each game session. The circle will close through ring rotations regular servers will have, so players can get somewhat used to how Olympus may end in their ranked and unranked game sessions.

Electronic Arts Cuts 6% Of Its Workforce

There is no doubt the casual player is going to appreciate this LTM as they learn so many brand-new features that are coming in the new season. You’ll have to be quick with this mode as it is only available for one week.


Clubs are a social feature that allows players to meet like-minded people and allow people to get involves, create events and more. We did a break down on the Clubs feature, with all the merits that come with such a big social feature. You can check out what Clubs have to offer here

Other features

As with every season, there are the returning features that get a bit of spice. Battle passes are one of these features that keep coming back. However, there are some changes to how this one works. There are no longer point-based objectives for the Battle Pass. Instead, players are awarded stars for completing missions. Collecting ten stars will take you to the next battle pass level. Stars are awarded spending on the difficulty of the mission.

Replicators are getting a change for the next season. Weapons can no longer get crafted from the Replicator, being replaced with Shields instead. The higher-level weapon attachments from the replicator are remaining the same.

King’s Canyon is no longer in the map pool. The base map is out of the season, especially after the community is starting to have issues with the map. With Olympus’ introduction, it makes sense to shelve the map for the time being. It is also worth mentioning that the first two weeks of the season will exclusively be Olympus on regular rulesets. The ruleset differentiation is to allow for a more chill experience in the LTM.


Bangalore is getting some love on her ultimate. Rolling Thunder explosion countdown is going from eight seconds to six. The change makes her ultimate a little more devastating, but it seems a little underwhelming, especially since the new map has lots of cover with buildings as it a city after all.

Electronic Arts Cuts 6% Of Its Workforce

Caustic is getting nerfed as Legends caught in the gas will no longer have their vision blurred. The damage of the gas is also dropping to 4-10 damage from 6-12. That should take some of the kick out of Caustic.

Mirage decoys are getting a bit of a change. When Mirage gets buffed, the Legend sees more success until the community learns how to deal with them. New changes give Decoys health, but some apparent glares that telegraph whether it is a decoy or not. Decoys won’t absorb bullets as they are considered holo now.

Octane’s healing from Swiftmend is going from 0.5hp/s to 1.0 hp/s. Octane is straight-up not having a good time in Apex Legends, so the extra healing makes him a bit more competitive.

Additional changes

Wattson is getting a buff. While this sounds spooky at first, the idea behind the buff is to increase her play rate in low ELO. High-end players and pros don’t run into Wattson Fences, so it shouldn’t change the way higher ELO games playout. The fences will now deal 15 damage per tick, up from 10.

Loba is getting a buff on her Black MArket ultimate. Scooping up ammo is not considered a purchase. Feel free to scoop up as much ammo as you and your allies want. This likely won’t change much about Loba’s place in ranked and the competitive scene, but it's a nice change for people that want the odd Loba game here and there.

Rampart is not as powerful as we first thought. So in Ascension, her turret is winding up faster, and her walls take three seconds instead of four to build up. That should make her a much better tank and less of a stood still threat waiting to get pinged in the head by a Kraber.

Pathfinder is the most problematic Legend. Respawn is constantly working on how to make sure is grappling up isn’t too powerful. Now Respawn is adjusting the hitbox on him to make his hands and legs sustain fire a bit better. Respawn is hoping these hitbox changes put Pathfinder lower on the win percentage list so they can start working on meaningful choices for Pathfinder in the future.

There are plenty of more things coming in Season 7 Ascension, and we have highlighted just some of the juiciest parts of the patch notes. A full breakdown can be found here.