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Craig Robinson
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Apex Legends Patch Adds Cross-Play Beta, LTM and More Collections

Apex Legends heroes Watson and Gibraltar in a futuristic city scape

The new Apex Legends update brings a cross-play beta, new LTM, and cosmetics on October 6.

Respawn Entertainment is releasing a new patch for Apex Legends Season 6, which includes Flashpoint, a new Limited Time Mode, new collections, and a beta for the long-awaited cross-play feature arriving on October 6.


EA and Respawn announced a while back that Apex Legends cross-play is coming to Apex Legends. Respawn is going to release a beta for the cross-play feature. The mode is going to be enabled by default on Origin, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4. However, it can only be turned off in the game settings.

To play with your friends simply go to the friends tab and go to find friends. Type your friend’s name into the search bar, and it should come up with their name and platform the name is associated to. When that person has been invited, they can find the invite in the typical invite window associated with the platform.

An example Apex Legends party highlighting the game's cross play compatibility
An example of the party screen in cross-play. Image via Respawn Entertainment.

It is also worth noting that the cross-play feature has party voice, and you can block people from inviting you from other platforms. Furthermore, Steam’s release of Apex Legends will also gain access to the cross-play feature when Apex Legends launches on that platform.

Respawn Entertainment aims for this beta period to be a testing phase where every player has input in its final design. The original release date for cross-play was aimed at Fall 2020, which is a sign the development of cross-play is well on track.

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Limited Time Mode- Flashpoint

The new patch is going to release a new LTM called Flashpoint alongside the cross-play beta. The new mode will have several new areas on the map called Flash Points. These areas will keep players’ map rotations interesting as these points of interest heal people inside them. This is extremely important as healing items do not spawn on this LTM.

Every squad is going to compete for these Flash Points, so, players will need to be prepared to fight for lives if they want to get their armor and health points back up to scratch.


With every mid-season patch comes a boatload of cosmetics. The new patch features a Caustic Heirloom, alongside a different type of clown costume. Wraith is also getting a cat costume, and Revenant and Octane are getting clothes for once.

There is a mini-battle pass that players get free points for every day they play. Players can gain 1000 points, with costumes and weapons skins to gain as long as the event persists. Players who already won the Season 6 battle pass can work towards both the event pass and the season battle pass at the same time.

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