Apex Legends Mobile Season 4 Patch: New Legend Arrives In Final Update Before Shutdown

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Apex Legends Mobile Season 4 Patch: New Legend Arrives In Final Update Before Shutdown

Apex Legends Mobile Season 4 Patch, titled Aspire, is the final content update before EA sunsets the game for good on May 1.

After several mobile-exclusive legends skins and cosmetics exclusive to the game’s handheld port, Respawn is pulling the plug on the mobile battle royale game. The mobile port turned out to be less profitable than expected, according to EA & Respawn Entertainment. However, fans can no longer purchase Gold in-game, and EA isn’t too enthusiastic on offering their players any refunds. Players should use up any existing in-game gold to buy skins and cosmetics for their weapons and legends.

A new map, a new signature weapon along with a battle pass are the content updates outlined for the potential last patch of the game. EA and Respawn have also allowed players to experience “Tournaments.” Tournaments has been a feature in development since the game’s inception, with the idea to make the game more “competitive”, rewarding players to face their friends in matches.

Tournaments revolve around a rotating array of objectives. Completing these objectives earns you points that are all tracked in a live Tournament-specific leaderboard! These Tournament Leaderboards are active for a limited time and allow legends to earn Tournament Points in matches in eligible modes while the Tournament is active.

Elimination Tournaments: damage, knocks and kills.

Legends Tournaments: use of specific Legends and their abilities.

Ranked Tournaments: difficult challenges for the best players.

Scoring & Rewards: 

All Tournaments are free to enter! However, some tournaments require players to meet special criteria, including minimum rank and level requirements, and each tournament will require you to opt in to participate. Also, you’ll need to meet a minimum participation requirement to earn a reward in each Tournament.

Scores are tallied per match in eligible modes and points are only counted while the Tournament is active. Check the description for each Tournament for complete details, including eligible game modes, tournament duration, scoring rules, and reward descriptions.

Scoring rules will change depending on the type of Tournament running, but Tournament Points are always accumulated in ways which emphasize skill and strategy. Tournament rewards are awarded after the Tournament has concluded.  Rewards are based on your final leaderboard placement and can either be claimed via your in-game mailbox or the Tournament.

Apex Legends Season 4 Patch New Legend and Map

With a map and a new legend on the horizon, Horizon takes her stride in the final update – Season 4. Heres the full list of abilities for the new legend.

Increase air control and reduce fall impacts with Horizon’s custom spacesuit

Tactical: Gravity Lift: Horizon reverses the flow of gravity, lifting players upwards and boosting them outwards when they exit.

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Ultimate: Black Hole: Deploy N.E.W.T. to create a micro black hole that pulls players in towards it, and hits them with a gravitational blast at the end.

Legend Perks:

  • Swift Landing: Briefly accelerate after falling from a great height.
  • Gravitational Pull: While knocked down, you can still use Gravity Lift.
  • Leap for Mankind: You can jump higher when your Tactical and Ultimate are deployed.
  • Cosmic Lift: Gravity Lift’s height increases by 50%.
  • Extra Dimension: You remain in the Gravity Lift longer.
  • Dark Matter: Black Hole destroys all enemy traps within its vicinity.
  • Deadly Momentum: Using your Finisher reduces your Ultimates cooldown by 30%.
  • Battle Adaptation: Using your Finisher adds 100 points to your EVO Shield.
  • Tactical Advantage: Using your Finisher charges your Tactical.


Lightning Battle:

A new limited time mode, Lighting Battle is a new take on Battle Royale featuring smaller initial safe zones and fewer rounds.

Deja Loot:

In Deja Loot, loot is fixed. Airdrop points, supply ship routes, safe zone locations and respawn points are also fixed, but updated daily.


Loot MRVN Challenges – The event will run from February 15 to February 28.

Take on the Loot MRVN’s Olympus challenges to explore the utopian city and receive its innovative rewards.

Octane’s Strikeout – The event will run from February 15 to February 28

Complete Octane centric objectives to earn Signature Merits to unlock Octane's brand new Signature weapon, Afterburner!

Carnival Parade  The event will run from February 18 to February 24

Complete missions and unlock Carnival themed rewards to parade around the map!

Daily Blast Off!  The event will run from February 24 to March 7


Apex Legends Season 4 Patch Weapon and Legend Adjustments

Weapon Attachments:

  • New: Laser Sight attachment can now be equipped to the R-99, Prowler, P2020, RE45, Volt SMG & Alternator.\
  • Selectfire hop-up has been removed: The Prowler now has the attributes of Selectfire by default.
  • Quickdraw Holster Returns: It can be equipped in the Alternator, R-99, & Volt SMG. The RE45 & Wingman have the attributes of Quickdraw by default.

Airdrop & Fully Kitted Weapons:

  • New Airdrop Weapons: Havoc and G7 Scout
  • Airdrop G7 Scout
    • Fire interval adjusted from 0.55s to 0.375s
    • Reserve ammo stack adjusted to 150
    • Base damage increased from 34 to 36
    • Recoil slightly reduced
  • Airdrop Havoc
    • Reserve ammo stack adjusted to 250

New Fully Kitted Weapons:

  • Flatline
  • L-STAR
  • Triple Take
  • Charge Rifle

Weapon Balancing:

  • L-STAR
    • Base Damage reduced from 19 to 18
    • Overheat bullet count adjusted to 22/24/26/30
  • Longbow
    • Firing interval adjusted from 0.77s to 0.65s
  • Increased the hit deceleration effect of sniper weapons.
  • R-99, Prowler, RE45, Volt SMG, Alternator
    • Slightly reduced overall recoil
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Replicator Changes:

  • The R-301 and Sentinel will now be available in the Replicator. They will both remain in the loot table for ground loot and Supply Bins.

Legend Changes:

    • Adjusted the way Crypto's Drone EMP is deployed: the drone can be deployed to a targeted location by pressing and holding the ability button and selecting a target location after release. Upon completion the drone will fly to that targeted location and activate its EMP explosion.
  • ASH
    • Added a minimum travel distance of 5 meters to Phase Breach.

Apex Legends Aspire Patch Bug and Glitch Fixes/Optimization

In Game Communication:

  • Improved shortcut menu flow
  • Added the ability to respond to shortcut text
  • Improved chat & shortcut text

Account linking

  • Players now have the ability to link multiple sign in options to an account.


  • Optimized the interface display and menu logic of the Recruitment Feature

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed an issue where Ash’s Tactical skill would send enemies flying large distances.
  • Fixed a problem where Ash’s Ultimate cooldown would not display properly.
  • Fixed an issue where Fades Signature Weapon model would sometimes disappear while equipped.
  • Fixed an issue where Rowdy was not matching the Rhapsody skin equipped.
  • Fixed an issue where Caustics traps would occasionally become invisible.
  • Fixed an issue where audio during gameplay was lower than expected for footsteps, gunshots, and shield cells.
  • Fixed an issue where the Critical Crimson Frame could not be equipped.
  • Fixed an issue where the Constellation Signature Weapon could not be seen when meleeing with a gun equipped.
  • Fixed an issue where Kills and Win trackers were not returning the correct values.
  • Fixed an issue where weapon icons were squished in the kill feed after a match.
  • Fixed a number of areas on Olympus that players could get stuck in.
  • Fixed a texture issue in Market for TDM and Gun Game.
  • Fixed a series of localization issues for All languages.

When does Apex Legends Mobile Aspire Patch Release?

The potential final update for Apex’s mobile port is slated to hit servers on Friday, Febuary 10. Servers will be down for maintenance before the full patch release. The rest of the changes can be viewed clicking on the full Apex Legends Mobile Season 4 Patch notes article on EA’s official site here. Fans have less than 3 months to enjoy Apex on their on mobile devices before the game is terminated and removed from all mobile platforms.

It was nice knowing you, Apex Legends Mobile. See you on the PC side.

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