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Arnab Baidya
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Apex Legends Mobile Closed Beta Update Released In Philippines

Illustrations of the Apex Legends, Caustic, Wraith and Bangalore appear against a red background. The words "Apex Legends Mobile" is written across the middle of the image in white letters
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The eligible players participating in the closed beta test will get exclusive rewards after the official launch.

The closed beta testing for Apex Legends Mobile was announced for India and the Philippines in April 2021. The users from both countries were requested to pre-register on the Google Play Store, and the game was first made available for a few days to a limited number of players in India.

Recently, EA has also sent invites to a few players residing in the Philippines who pre-registered themselves for the game. In addition to this, Apex Legends Mobile has also received an update to improve the in-game graphics and gameplay experience; however, EA still hasn’t unlocked the maximum graphics settings yet.

Apex Legends characters Bangalore, Bloodhound and Caustic pose on a grassy hill.

If you are one of the selected pre-registered users, you will see an option to install the game in Google Play Store. You can start playing Apex Legends Mobile and give your feedback to the developers to help them improve the game and get it ready for global launch. However, if you haven’t pre-registered yourself yet, you can do it by following these steps:

  1. Open Google Playstore and search for Apex Legends Mobile or click here to jump to the page directly.
  2. Click on the result showing Electronic Arts as the publisher.
  3. You will see an option to pre-register, click on it, and you have registered yourself successfully.
  4. If you get selected for the upcoming testing phase, you will receive a notification, and you will see an option to install the game.

The closed beta testing is available for Android devices only, and the pre-registrations for iOS devices will start soon. Apex Legends Mobile is scheduled to release by the end of 2021; however, EA has not announced any specific date or window about its launch globally.


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