Apex Legends: Loba To Receive Buffs For Next Patch

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Apex Legends: Loba To Receive Buffs For Next Patch

Respawn Entertainment confirms that Loba will get some more tweaks in the next Apex Legends update.

Season 6 has only just deployed onto live servers, yet Respawn Entertainment are already working on Loba buffs. Loba will receive a buff in the next Apex Legends update, with their focus on Loba’s ult.

This new information comes as Respawn Entertainment staff member, Daniel Z Klein responded to a fan on Reddit. One user posted some suggestions on areas where Loba could be buffed or receive some quality of life changes. While Klein dismissed some of the ideas in that post, he did mention areas where Loba does need improvements.

The problems with Loba

The main issue with Loba is her ultimate Black Market Boutique. By the time the ultimate charges, most Lobas and her team will not need to use it. They will have already got their gear from their landing spot. Furthermore, the likeliness of the ultimate being worthwhile as the game goes on slims down. The longer the game goes on, the more likely everything has been looted. This leaves Loba’s ultimate very weak from the get-go.

Furthermore, Klein also commented on needing to do something with the Burglars Best Friend tactical ability. Loba’s ability is way too telegraphed at the moment. Respawn Entertainment feel that may have to do something with that also. Klein mentions that the earlier testing on the ability was faster and less noticeable, which caused problems in testing. So, there may be changes coming to that too if Redpawn can work something out.

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In a post on Reddit several weeks ago, Klein mentioned that there is one idea they are looking at. There is an idea to increase the number of items that can show up on her ultimate ability. However, this will need some GUI improvements to implement. Kelin also warned that if there’s too many Loba’s in the game server, it could cause crashes.

Loba did receive some buffs in Season, reducing her ultimate cooldown. Yet this has not made her ultimate a useful ability in the early game. It is clear that this Legend still needs some fine-tuning to make her worth the pick. It is unclear when the next patch will be, but we could expect it in just under three months time if they are not ready until Season 7.
Feature Image: Respawn Entertainment