All the New and Updated Hero Augments in TFT Set 8.5

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All the New and Updated Hero Augments in TFT Set 8.5

With the TFT Set 8.5 coming to PBE in two days, let’s check out the new and improved Hero Augments.

TFT Set 8.5: Glitched Out! It is two days away from being released on the Public Beta Environment (PBE) servers, with a release date targeting March 22. There are a lot of changes with the mid-set expansion like new heroes, traits and some exciting system adjustments as always. But perhaps the most important changes will be the new Hero Augments for the incoming champions. The current set mechanic is the focal point of many games, as hitting your desired augment can make or break a comp, and the strength of their Hero Augments can affect the viability of many champions.

As usual, all new heroes will have two augments specifically designed for them: one carry and one support. There are also some big changes to a few already existing Hero Augments. These are mostly to champions like Fiora or Sivir whose traits got changed or reworked, or unpopular augments like Ekko’s carry augment. Aside from the new, and changed, Hero Augments, there will be no new additions to the regular tiered augments for Set 8.5.

New Hero Augments for new champions

Lucian, 1-cost

  • Hyperbolic Time Chamber (Carry)
    • Gain a Lucian. Every 2 times your strongest Lucian casts his Ability, gain 1 experience point.
  • Enchanted Ammunition (Support)
    • Gain a Lucian. When you field him, your team gains 10 Ability Power, and 2 when they attack (this can stack).

Pantheon, 1-cost

  • The Best Offense (Carry)
    • Gain a Pantheon. He gains 50 Ability Power and 100 Magic Resistance.
  • Chronic Hallucinations (Support)
    • Gain a Pantheon. Combat start: He and his 4 nearest allies take 90% reduced damage for 6 seconds.

Pyke, 2-cost

  • Your Cut (Carry)
    • Gain a Pyke. After player combat rounds, gain 1 free Shop refresh(es) for every 2 time(s) your strongest Pyke cast his Ability last round.
  • Small Game Hunter (Support)
    • Gain a Pyke. When you field him, your team's abilities and attacks deal 10% more damage, increased to 25% against enemies with less than 1400 maximum Health.

Gnar, 3-cost

  • Synchronous Plating (Carry)
    • Gain a Gnar. He gains 15 Armor and Magic Resistance, plus another 5 until the end of combat every time he damages an enemy with his Ability.
  • Temper Tantrum (Support)
    • Gain a Gnar. When you field him, enemies take 10% more damage, increased to 20% the first time they are damaged by Gnar's attacks or Ability.

Morgana, 3-cost

  • Fear is Freedom (Carry)
    • Gain a Morgana. Morgana sends out 1 additional Dark Binding(s) when she casts her Ability, and her Dark Bindings stun their targets for 1 additional second(s).
  • Gas Giant Slayer (Support)
    • Gain a Morgana. When you field her, your team's abilities and attacks deal 25% more damage to enemies with more than 1600 maximum Health.
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Shen, 3-cost

  • Anomolous Amplification (Carry)
    • Gain a Shen. His Ability lasts an additional 5 seconds and his tethered ally deals 20% more damage while protected.
  • Recursion Matrix (Support)
    • Gain a Shen. When you field him, your team takes 8% reduced damage, tripled for 4 seconds when they cast Abilities.

Vex, 3-cost

  • Joy Siphon (Carry)
    • Gain a Vex. Vex heals her allies for 25% of the damage she deals.
  • Endless Darkness (Support)
    • Gain a Vex. When you field her, your team gains 20 Ability Power, and 5 when they cast Abilities (this can stack).

Aatrox, 4-cost

  • Deathbringer (Carry)
    • Gain an Aatrox. His Abilities deal additional damage equal to a % of his Maximum Health.
  • Darkin Assimilation (Support)
    • Gain an Aatrox. When you field him, 50% of the damage your team receives is instead dealt over 4 seconds as non-lethal damage.

Garen, 4-cost

  • Full Power to Sword (Carry)
    • Gain a Garen. His ability costs 40 less Mana to cast and deals additional damage equal to 80% of his Attack Damage but no longer stuns.
  • My Sword is Your Shield (Support)
    • Gain a Garen. Combat Start and when your strongest Garen casts his ability: Garen shields allies for a % of their maximum health for 6 seconds.

Jhin, 4-cost

  • Rule of Four (Carry)
    • Gain a Jhin. For every 4 enemies he kills in each combat, he drops 7 gold. He occasionally also drops an item component.
  • Wrath of the Rift (Support)
    • Gain a Jhin. When you field him, your units that start combat in the back 2 rows deal 20% bonus damage.

Neeko, 4-cost

  • Starlight Resonance (Carry)
    • Gain a Neeko. On combat start and when your strongest Neeko casts her Ability, she grants herself and her closest ally 20 Ability Power until the end of combat.
  • Easy Being Green (Support)
    • Gain a Neeko and a Spear of Shojin. When you field her, allies holding Spear of Shojin gain 35% Ability Power.

Twisted Fate, 4-cost

  • Ante Up (Carry)
    • Gain a Twisted Fate. Every 20 cards thrown, your strongest Twisted Fate drops 1 gold. Every 200 he drops an item component instead.
  • Gear Shift (Support)
    • Gain a Twisted Fate. When you field him, your team gains 12% Attack Speed, doubled after they cast their Ability the first time each combat.

Warwick, 4-cost

  • Well Fed (Carry, Stage 3-2)
    • Gain a Warwick. When you field him your team gains 50 Maximum Health. This is increased by 1 every 2 times your strongest Warwick attacks.
  • Well Fed+ (Carry, Stage 4-2)
    • Gain a Warwick. When you field him your team gains 140 Maximum Health. This is increased by 1 every 2 times your strongest Warwick attacks.
  • Big Data (Support)
    • Gain a Warwick. When you field him, your units deal 0.75% increased damage for every 100 Health they have.
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Ultimate Ezreal, 5-cost

  • Temporal Disruption (Carry)
    • Gain an Ultimate Ezreal. His Ability causes enemies struck to burn for 2% of their Health every second and have their healing reduced by 33% for the rest of combat.
  • Accelerated Mentorship (Support)
    • Gain an Ultimate Ezreal. After player combat rounds where you fielded him, gain 8 experience points.

Updated carry and support Hero Augments

Sivir, 2-cost

  • Time and a Half (Carry)
    • Gain a Sivir. After each player combat round, gain 1 gold for every 45 Attack Damage your strongest Sivir has.
  • Mana Tempering (Support)
    • Gain a Sivir. When you field her, your team gains 15% Attack Damage, and 5% when they cast Abilities (this can stack).

Fiora, 2-cost

  • Grand Challange (Carry)
    • Gain a Fiora. Every 4th attack on the same champion deals 15% of her max health as magic damage and heals Fiora for the same amount.
  • Vitality of the Ox (Support)
    • Gain a Fiora. Every 10 attacks, units heal for 25% of their max health.

Yasuo, 2-cost

  • Winds of the Wanderer (Carry)
    • Gain a Yasuo. Yasuo’s whirlwind is larger and deals 20% increased damage.

Annie, 2-cost

  • Pyromania (Carry)
    • Gain an Annie. Annie’s spell is larger, and every 2 casts she stuns all enemies hit.

Alistar, 3-cost

  • Behemoth (Carry)
    • Gain an Alistar. Alistar’s spell hits all adjacent enemies and deals 25% of his max health as bonus damage to the primary target.
  • Stubborn (Support)
    • Gain an Alistar. At the start of combat, 50% Shred all enemies.

Jax, 3-cost

  • Grandmasters Training (Support)
    • Gain a Jax. Your team gains 15 armor and attack speed, doubled when Jax dies.

Kai’Sa, 3-cost

  • Reconnaissance Team (Support)
    • Gain a Kai’Sa. At the start of combat, the two closest units to Kai’Sa gain 40% critical strike chance and their spells can crit.

Ekko, 4-cost

  • Destructive Resonance (Carry)
    • Gain an Ekko. Ekko’s spell hits all enemies within two hexes for 200% increased damage. The ability no longer slows their attack speed.

Fiddlesticks, 5-cost

  • Scarier-Crow (Carry)
    • Gain a Fiddlestick. 6 seconds into combat if Fiddlesticks is still dormant, he casts. Fiddlesticks continues absorbing Corrupted Souls as the fight goes on.

Syndra, 5-cost

  • Not in Vain (Carry)
    • Gain a Syndra. Your strongest Syndra gains 30 starting mana and 10% attack speed whenever an allied champion dies.

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