All Exoprimal Classes and Exosuits

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All Exoprimal Classes and Exosuits

After having specifically talked about all Exoprimal classes and Exosuits present in the game, in this article, we have decided to create an overview of what are the main characteristics of each of them. If you haven't started fighting dinosaurs yet or are wondering which of Exoprimal classes or Exoprimal Exosuits in the game are best suited to your way of playing, this is the right place for you.

Exoprimal Assault Class and Exosuits

The Assault class, as you can already understand from the name itself, is focused on inflicting damage to dinosaurs from different ranges. This class has at its disposal four different variants, each of them with different loadouts. For this reason, it is essential to be aware of all the features by which they are characterized so as not to be taken by surprise. Indeed, each Exosuit is able to defeat enemies with skills and weapons that adapt to their combat range.

Thanks to the fact that it is such a versatile class and that it can be used for any type of combat, it can be considered the best class when it comes to fighting against dinosaurs. If you are a player who loves a more frantic combat and loves real action, the Exoprimal Assault class is definitely the best choice for you. These features four different variants:

  • Barrage
  • Deadeye
  • Zephyr
  • Vigilant
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exoprimal deadeye

Exoprimal Tank Class and Exosuits

By diverting the attention of the enemy hordes and absorbing damage with their superior armor, the Tank class excels in protecting the lives of their teammates. These strong fighters are the team's first line of defense at all times, positioning themselves in the front row to shield the other players from the opponent's continual onslaught.

Tanks create an impenetrable barrier that ensures the safety and well-being of their friends, allowing them to confidently focus on their individual roles and strategies. This barrier is made up of Tanks, who have unyielding resilience and protective skills. If you are a player who prefers to be a defensive class and likes to give support to other players, this is the right variant to choose. This class features three variants:

  • Krieger
  • Murasame
  • Roadblock

exoprimal krieger

Exoprimal Support Class and Exosuits

Exoprimal Support class is equipped with a broad range of skills that are all tailored to ensure the team's utmost effectiveness. This class acts as the rock-solid foundation upon which everyone depends, largely because of their extraordinary capacity to repair severely damaged Exosuits.

The Support class has a wide range of abilities in addition to their life-saving mending abilities, allowing them to have a considerable impact on how conflicts play out. These abilities can help or hurt various parts of warfare. The Support class has the capacity to alter the course of any given conflict thanks to its variety of skills that are designed to strengthen allies and weaken enemies. This class features three variants:

  • Nimbus
  • Skywave
  • Witch Doctor
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exoprimal witch doctor

All Exoprimal Classes and Exosuits
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