AFK Journey Florabelle Guide: Is the New Warrior Good for Your Team?

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AFK Journey Florabelle Guide: Is the New Warrior Good for Your Team?

There are nearly 50 heroes in AFK Journey and all different from each other, so not all of them are good. Hence, here is a guide on the newest hero, Florabelle.

AFK Journey is a recently released open-world action role-playing game (ARPG) that is trending worldwide for all the right reasons. Developed by FARLIGHT and Lilith Games, it is a free to play game on two consoles including Android and PC. Being an ARPG, heroes are the most important aspect of the game. At present, there are 49 heroes in the game with all of them divided into different roles and factions. The 49th hero was just released and her name is Florabelle. Hence, here is a complete guide on Florabelle in AFK Journey talking about whether she is good for your team or not.

AFK Journey Florabelle: Skills and All Details

AFK Journey Florabelle Guide: Is the New Warrior Good for Your Team?

Florabelle is the newest hero which was added to AFK Journey. She was officially added to the game for all players to get on April 16. She is an S-Level hero from the Wilder faction. She belongs to the Warrior class or role and her damage type is Physical. Different from other heroes in the game who summon pets, she is able to summon three different little kids to fight for her. This is because according to the game lore, she is a teacher who is in charge of taking care of the Petalia, who are small mythical creatures with abilities like her. 

Now, without further ado, here are all of Florabelle’s skills in AFK Journey:

AFK Journey Florabelle Guide: Is the New Warrior Good for Your Team?

  • (Ultimate) Pounding Blow: Summons Spiny when a battle starts and when actively used during battle, summons Smashy who deals AoE damage to all enemies in range.
    AFK Journey Florabelle Guide: Is the New Warrior Good for Your Team?
  • Overgrowth: Transforms a Petalium into a giant, increasing its Haste and Life Drain abilities.
    AFK Journey Florabelle Guide: Is the New Warrior Good for Your Team?
  • Tiny Sharpshooter: Summons a ranged Petalium into the battle that deals damage to enemies.
    AFK Journey Florabelle Guide: Is the New Warrior Good for Your Team?
  • (Exclusive) Protective Blessing: Grants a permanent shield to an allied summon i.e. one of the Petalium, when it enters the battlefield. This skill is her Exclusive Weapon or Skill, which means it is unlocked after she ascends to Mythic+.

How to Get Florabelle in AFK Journey

We all know that any and every hero can be obtained by rolling for them with Invite Letters in the game. Thus, if you want to get Florabelle, you can try rolling for her with Invite Letters the hard way, 10 at a time where only an A-Level hero is guaranteed and S-Level heroes are rare. 

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However, lucky for you and everyone out there, Florabelle is available in the Rate Up recruits till May 9, 2024. She is a guaranteed recruit if you roll 40 Rate Up Invite Letters in the game. Now, we all know how hard it is to get those letters. Fortunately, you can use diamonds in exchange for Rate Up Letters, though it is quite expensive. For 3000 diamonds, you can roll 10 Rate Up Letters. This means, to get her you will have to spend 12,000 diamonds which amounts to 40 Rate Up Invite Letters. Is it worth it? If you have the resources, then go for it! 

However, keep in mind that Florabelle is not that strong until you ascend her to Mythic+. Thus, get her only if you can afford it and have enough resources to initially get her and ascend her to Mythic+. 

How to Use Florabelle in a Team

Of course, the best route is to use Florabelle as a DPS or damage dealer. This is because she is a Warrior faction hero. Not only that, her DPS damage output does not come directly from her attacks but rather from her summoned allies, the Petalia. Hence, it is essential for her to be positioned or placed in the back with the Support hero or healer. This will keep her safe and shielded rather than being in the front and dying instantly. You also need to make sure that you have her ascended to the Mythic+ level or her reliability as a good hero is heavily compromised. 

However, what heroes should you use in the same team as her and what should the formation look like to ensure her abilities as an indirect DPS damage dealer is not wasted? Keep on reading to find out exactly which team formation will be the best.

Best Team Formation With Florabelle in AFK Journey 

The best team formations in AFK Journey are the teams with synergy and with allies or heroes that enhance each other’s strengths. For Florabelle, an effective team formation would be with heroes including Cecia, Thoran, Hewynn and Silvina. In this formation, all the heroes will be placed on the last or rearmost row. The row will begin with Cecia in the middle tile with Hewynn on her right followed by Florabelle and Silvina to her right followed by Thoran. This will allow Florabelle and Hewynn to hang back while Cecia and Silvina go the front with Thoran leading. 

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Cecia will be the main damage dealer in the formation as the Marksman while Silvina will be the secondary damage dealer as a Rogue. Thoran will provide the defense needed for the team by absorbing most of the damage as a Tank. Hewynn will of course be in the background, healing the allies and performing her duties as the Support of the team. Here, Florabelle’s abilities will shine as a Warrior who will be able to use her Petalia without being killed in the process as the front-runners, Cecia, Silvina and Thoran will shield her while Hewynn will heal them all. 

Is It Worth It to Get Florabelle for Your Team in AFK Journey?

In our opinion, yes, it is worth it to get Florabelle in AFK Journey, but, under the right circumstances. Getting her is a huge investment, starting with the initial process of getting her with 12,000 diamonds. Then, you will have to ascend her to Mythic+ to fully make her viable in battles. Ascending her to Mythic+ will require lots of S-Level Soulstones or Warrior faction Acorns, which we all know are very rare to get. 

Therefore, if you plan on getting her, make sure to gather all the resources and be prepared to invest lots of time in ascending her. She might not be a meta hero as in, she is not a must have hero, but getting her would not be too bad either. However, once you do ascend her to Mythic+, she will be an invaluable asset to any team formation with her allied summons who disrupt the enemies and amazing DPS output. Her Petalia are dependable with her damage and serve as a pretty good defensive barrier for the main crew, keeping them safe from taking direct damage from the enemy. 

Needless to say, Florabelle is a great addition to the existing line up of 48 amazing heroes in AFK Journey. As the 49th hero of the game, she is elegant, her lore is interesting and she is different from the other heroes. She stands out with her allied summons, the gang of Petalia and her spectacular skills. Hence, don’t wait any further and get her today for yourself!

Stay tuned for more from ESTNN!

AFK Journey Florabelle Guide: Is the New Warrior Good for Your Team?
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