Abiotic Factor How to Feed Jerome

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Abiotic Factor How to Feed Jerome

Abiotic Factor is a game that also has oddities and mysteries to discover within it. One of these is related to the fact of how to feed Jerome. This action may not be that simple to decipher and therefore, it is not hard to believe that you may be in trouble.

In this Abiotic Factor how to feed Jerome article, therefore, we will tell you everything you need to know about it. If you, too, were wondering how to do it, you are definitely in the right place.

How to Feed Jerome in Abiotic Factor

Jerome's a tiny creature with a big appetite for his larva buddies. Here's the deal: the more you feed him, the quicker he gets moving. Now, you might think feeding him is pointless, but it's actually pretty handy. See, once he's well-fed, Jerome can hook you up with office stuff you might need. So, don't hold back on the snacks if you want him to lend a hand with the supplies.

Note: Jerome will tend to get scared if he is threatened and will disappear for about an hour.

Jerome is a funny dude who shows up out of nowhere (usually when it's dark) in the GATE place and strolls around. After hours of checking, it's pretty clear: you won't catch Jerome if you try. He's good at finding you before you see him. That might make you jump a bit, but don't worry! Jerome just wants to eat something.

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Abiotic Factor How to Feed Jerome

However, feeding Jerome is not at all a simple thing and can be dangerous, so you will have to be very careful. Interacting with Jerome might make you experience some weird stuff hanging out with Jerome, like your DNA getting all wonky or maybe even switching bodies.

And watch out for sunburns, because they're a possibility too. Plus, you might start feeling super itchy, or suddenly go blind for a bit. It's even been said that your whole nervous system could go haywire. And, believe it or not, Jerome might just snatch your nose away. So, if you decide to say hi to Jerome, just remember, it's at your own risk!

But what can you feed him? Let's see it together:

  • Pest
  • Pest Rump
  • Raw Pest
  • Raw Pest Rump
  • Soda

Ultimately, therefore, although feeding Jerome is not something without risks and cannot have consequences, it is still something that we recommend you do, as there can still be advantages. So, with the right precautions and with the right caution, you can continue.

At the moment, there is no other information about it, but as soon as we know more about it, we will not waste time in updating this guide and giving you more information. Until then, we advise you to always keep an eye out because this is still unexplored territory.

Abiotic Factor How to Feed Jerome
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