7 Dota 2 Heroes Whose Win Rate Have Plummeted After Patch 7.32e

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7 Dota 2 Heroes Whose Win Rate Have Plummeted After Patch 7.32e

The Dead Reckoning Update from a few days ago finally allowed us to try out Dota 2’s latest hero. Muerta definitely had a big impact on the game, and it shouldn’t come as a surprise she’s among the most successful heroes in the game right now.

Sadly, the Dota 2 patch 7.32e didn’t positively impact all heroes. In fact, we’ve already mentioned some of the big losers of the new patch, so feel free to check the article to learn more about the heroes you should avoid.

With that said, it’s been around 5 days since the new patch arrived, which means we have enough data to work with and show you some of the worst-performing heroes. The names you’re about to see were solid in the previous meta, but the numerous nerfs pushed them away from the current one.


Lina 1

Starting with the hero that is nowhere to be found in the current meta, we have Lina. One of the most insane carries in the previous meta got annihilated after the new patch. As a result, the hero lost more than 10% pick rate and a jaw-dropping ~8% win rate. Consequently, she has one of the lowest win rates in Dota 2 right now.

The Dota 2 patch 7.32e nerfed Lina’s Fiery Soul, Light Strike Array, Dragon Slave, and talents. In other words, everything but her ultimate is not as good as it was, so it shouldn’t be surprising the hero isn’t as popular as before.

Despite her dreadful stats, Lina is not entirely dead. In fact, the hero will most likely transition into the support role. Of course, we’re yet to see if this will happen.



The second name on the list when it comes down to heroes that suffered a lot after the arrival of the new patch is Razor. The latter’s Bloodstone build made him among the most annoying heroes in the game, especially in PUBs. Unsurprisingly, Valve addressed it in the new patch, so Razor lost almost a 6.6% win rate and a 4.5% pick rate.

To be honest, some people might be surprised why Razor’s stats are so bad, considering he didn’t get that many nerfs. In fact, 7.32e only added one change to the hero’s Storm Surge – getting Agh’s shard will now add a 1s internal cooldown to Forked Lightning. It may not seem much, but this is the thing that made Razor broken in the first place, so the fact that it’s no longer available makes the hero feel “normal” again.

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In addition to the hero changes, Bloodstone itself also got nerfed. The item’s duration is now 5s instead of 6s, which makes Razor feel even weaker.

Death Prophet

Death Prophey uses Exorcism to haunt enemies

The third hero on the list that lost a lot is Death Prophet. One of the go-to offlaners in many parts of the world lost almost 4% win rate and a 2.30% pick rate. It may not seem as bad as the other two, but she’s the offlaner that suffered the most after the arrival of the new Dota 2 patch.

We’ve already covered the nerfs DP had to go through in our previous article, so we won’t do that again. Death Prophet is not entirely dead, but the hero isn’t as strong as before. Who knows, we might start seeing her more in the offlane.

Drow Ranger

Top 5 Agility Heroes in 7.32 - Drow Ranger takes an arrow from her quiver

Next, we have Drow Ranger, a hero who often had the chance to shine in the professional meta. The so-called “Drow Strat” has been around for many years, and teams used it during Tour 1 of the 2023 DPC. However, following the most recent nerfs, we don’t expect to see it in action anytime soon.

After the Dota 2 patch 7.32e, Drow Ranger’s Marksmanship now grants allied ranged heroes half of the bonus agility. Consequently, they won’t be as effective as before. 

Aside from the ult nerf, Drow’s Frost Arrows Aghanim’s Shard Regen Reduction per stack is 8% instead of 10%. This means Drow won’t be that effective at slowing down her targets. 

In terms of the hero’s stats, her win rate dropped by 3.24% and it's around 50.50%. As for her pick rate, it’s down to around 16.4%



Broodmother has always been one of the most annoying Dota 2 heroes and a name we see in every meta. Even though she will continue to be a part of this one, the hero got a lot of nerfs that definitely affected her success. 5 days after the release of the Dota 2 patch 7.32e, Broodmother lost around a 2.74% win rate and currently sits at around 45%.

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In terms of the changes the hero went through, her Spin Web now gives less movement speed bonus, and her Spinner’s Snare now has a 30s restore time instead of 20s. The annoying spiderlings are also less powerful than before.


Dota 2 hero Leshrac, a centaur with a staff standing on a meteor in space with a blue explosion behind him

Although he wasn’t the best mid-laner in the last meta, Leshrac was among the game's biggest names. He wasn’t nerfed as hard as some other popular names, but Leshrac lost around a 2.30% win rate, which means the hero isn’t as good as before.

If we look at the Dota 2 patch notes, we can see that Leshrac only lost 10 damage on his Pulse Nova. That said, Bloodstone’s nerf also affects his win performance, which explains why he’s not as good as before.


Riki blinks on a Taffy Guardian to deal bonus damage

Although some people didn’t expect Riki to become a popular pick in the professional Dota 2 meta, he appeared in many games. Unsurprisingly, this caught Valve’s attention, which is why the 7.32e Dota 2 patch nerfed his Sleeping Dart. The ability’s cast range decreased from 1000 to 600, and the ability’s cooldown is up from 12s to 15s. 

This nerf gave resulted in a -2.22% win rate and more than a 4% pick rate than before. It seems like most Dota 2 players prefer using other heroes in his position because they are better.


In addition to all of the heroes mentioned so far, Tusk, Nature’s Prophet, Slark, and Tr4oll Warlord also lost a lot after the arrival of the new patch. On the other hand, heroes like Alchemist, Muerta, Anti-mage, Clinkz, and BM are more popular than ever before.

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